Zeptol CR 400 Mg

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  • Generic Name :  Carbamazepine
  • Brand Name : Tegretol XR
  • Manufacture Name : Sun Pharma
  • Presentation : Tablets
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People who are known to be suffering from epilepsy or trigeminal neuralgia, an aching state where the patient is known to have a sore face area, head, and neck area. It also prescribed by the doctor to buy Zeptol CR 400 mg as it assists in preventing some specific type of seizures (fits) and diabetic neuropathy.

Zeptol CR 400 mg Tablet Usage

The generic name of Zeptol CR 400 mg medicine is Carbamazepine. The patients use this medicine to cure health problems related to –

  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Epilepsy/Seizures
  • Diabetic Neuropathy

Recommended Dosage of Zeptol CR 400 mg

Normal Dosage- This medicine should be taken as per the recommendation of the doctor or as it is prescribed on the back of the label. It is advised that you should not take this drug in larger quantity than recommended.

Missed Dose – Whenever you skip any dosage, you can take it as you recollect but preserve the thought that you are not taking two doses one after another as it could prove to be dangerous.

Over Dose – If you consume more than recommended, then call for medical help urgently.

Other details – The patient can buy Zeptol CR 400 mg online and consume this tablet along with their food or even without it. But you should try to take it every day at a fixed hour. Also, at any time you undergo and experience any undesirable effects immediately refer to a doctor.

Precautions prior to taking Zeptol CR 400 mg tablet

Allergy- It is advisable prior to beginning this medication to check if you are allergic to Zeptol CR 400 mg tablet or any certain ingredients present in the drug. This is done so that it does not cause any further irritation and allergies.

Blood Disorder- Whether your health is in distress because of any sort of blood disorder or you have previously suffered from bone marrow suppression, then you should not buyZeptol CR 400 mg online for consumption.

Sufficient medicine- It is advisable that you use the medicine of the same brand every time and ensure that you have medicine present in sufficient quantity with you.

Liver Disease- This drug ought to be used cautiously with patients having a medical history of any type of liver disease. A suitable alternate medicine or limited dosage should be recommended in any such case.

Warnings before consuming Zeptol CR 400 mg medicine

Mood Swings – Urgently call for professional help whenever you notice any sudden mood changes, any kind of suicidal tendencies or thoughts linger in your mind.

Skin Disorder – Given that you observe any rashes or skin disorders like red spots, rashes or white circular patches while on medication period with Zeptol CR 400 mg medicine, then consult your doctor with same and do not ignore it.

Frequency in Usage – When you start noticing positive signs and begin to cure the disease, do not halt the medicine usage as it could possibly trigger seizures again in the patient.

Pregnant or breast-feeding women- If you are pregnant or get pregnant right away consult your doctor whether to continue taking this medicine or not. Also, while on medication period you are advised not to breastfeed.

Side effects of taking Zeptol CR 400 mg tablet

Ordinarily, the side effect form a common part of medication process, so there is no need to worry in case you witness some common side effects as they are to go away gradually. However, if any new or serious after-effects emerge then talk about it with your doctor –

Serious side effects- Fever, insomnia, feeling agitated, depression, easily irritated, suicidal or self-destructing thoughts, behavioral changes or mood swings, anxiety, feeling restless and uneven, pain in eyes, difficulty in breathing.

Common Side effects – Dizziness, slurred speech, vomiting, blurred vision, fatigue, itching, dry mouth, drowsiness, Thrombocytopenia, Oedema, migraine headache.

Body part side effects – Ache in muscles, skin rashes causing blistering, swollen glands, weakness, eyes or skin yellowing, bruising on body parts.

Benefits of buying Zeptol CR 400 mg medicine

When you buy Zeptol CR 400 mg online and use it then this tabletis capable of giving relief to the user from any form of nerve pain by decreasing the impulses (nerve) which are the cause of pain due to trigeminal nerve. It will help the patient in carrying out routinely grooming like shaving face, applying make-up, drinking and eating, brushing teeth, etc without any possible pain. It also helps in preventing seizures and diabetic nerve pain.

Substitutes of Zeptol CR 400 mg tablet

Alternate drugs that can be used as a substitute of Zeptol CR 400 mg and give the same relief and effects are –

  • Carbatol 400 mg Tablet
  • Mazetol 400 mg Tablet
  • Tegrital 400 mg Tablet
  • Versitol 400 mg Tablet
  • Versitol Retard- 400 Tablet

Zeptol CR 400 mg interactions with other medicine

  • Diltiazem (Severe)
  • Azole antifungal agents (Moderate)
  • Ethinyl Estradiol (Severe)

Frequently asked questions before you buy Zeptol CR 400 mg online or from store

  • How long does it take before this medicine starts showing effects?

The major effects of this medicine can be seen within 4.5 hours in case of immediate release or in oral suspension it takes around 1.5 hours.

  • How long does the effect of this drug remains or last?

The effects remain averagely for 2 to 3 days after consumption.

  • Can I consume alcoholic beverages while on medication term with Zeptol CR 400 mg medicine?

Anticonvulsants medicines react negatively with alcohol and can further increase depression in the respiratory system and nervous system.

  • When can I stop using this medicine?

You can talk to your physician/doctor when you start seeing positive effects from the consumption of this medicine. They will probably lessen the regular dosage but do not stop taking medicine altogether as it can possibly again trigger seizures.

Buy Zeptol CR 400 mg online with All Day Meds

When you are prescribed this medicine by a doctor or physician, then either you can buy this medicine from a nearby store. However, seeing to the outside conditions it is not advisable to move out so you can easily buy Zeptol CR 400 mg online from All day Meds, an online reputed drug store.

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