Yasmin 3 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol
  • Brand Name : Yasmin
  • Manufacture Name : Bayer
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Yasmin 3mg tablets (drospirenone / Ethinyl estradiol) birth control pills. It contains two female hormones, synthetic estrogen Ethinyl estradiol and progestin drospirenone. It contains 28 film-coated tablets. These tablets are divided into two parts, consisting of 21 yellow tablets, consisting of 3 mg DRSP and 0.03 mg EE7 inactivated white tablets.
Lactose Monohydrate NF, Conjugate Starch NF, Povidone 25000 NF, Magnesium Stearate NF, Macrogol 6000 NF, Titanium Dioxide White Inert Film-Coated Tablets Lactose Monohydrate NF, Micronutrient SF You can see pictures of the structural formula of Yasmin 3mg online.

Consumption YASMIN 3mg TABLET

Day 1 Start

During the first cycle of use of the Yasmin 3mg tablet, instruct the patient to take one yellow Yasmin tablet from the first day of her cycle. Every day, after dinner or at bedtime with the required time with some fluids. The tablet can be taken regardless of diet. If the tablet is taken earlier than the first day of the cycle, Yasmin tablets should not be considered contraceptive until 7 consecutive days of product administration. Instruct the patient to use non-hormonal condoms as a backup for the first 7 days. The risk of ovulation and pregnancy should be considered before starting the starting procedure. Buy Yasmin 3mg online if you are not able to find them at your nearby drug stores.

Sunday Start

In the first cycle of Yasmin tablet use, instruct the patient to take one yellow tablet daily from the first Sunday after the onset of menopause. She should take one yellow tablet every day for 21 consecutive days, then take one white tablet every day for 22 to 28 days. Yasmin 3mg tablets should be taken at the same time every day with some fluids after dinner or at bedtime, in the order indicated on the Yasmin 3mg tablet package. Pills can be taken regardless of diet. The tablet is not considered contraceptive after 7 consecutive days of product administration. Instruct the patient to use non-hormonal condoms as a backup for the first 7 days. The risk of ovulation and pregnancy should be considered before starting the starting procedure.
The patient should start her first and subsequent 28 days of Yasmin tablets on the same day of the week, starting her first rule following the same schedule. Regardless of whether she has menopause or not, she should start taking her yellow pills the next day after taking the last white tablet. When the cycle of Yasmin 3mg tablet begins earlier than the day after the administration of the last white tablet, the contraceptive method should be used until the patient has taken one yellow Yasmin tablet for seven consecutive days.


Nausea, vomiting, headache, body weight, breast tenderness, swelling of the ankles/feet (fluid retention), or weight change may occur. Vaginal bleeding may occur during periods (drops) or missed / irregular periods, especially during the first few months of use. If any of these persist or worsen, tell your doctor immediately. If you miss 2 periods in a row (or 1 period if the pill is not used correctly), consult your doctor for a pregnancy test.
Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medication because he or she has ruled that the benefit outweighs the risk of side effects. Most people who use this medicine do not have serious side effects.
This drug raises your blood pressure. Check your blood pressure daily and tell your doctor if the results are high.
Tell your doctor immediately if you have any severe side effects: Vaginal bleeding (persistent spot, sudden heavy bleeding, missed periods), symptoms of a high potassium blood (such as muscle weakness, slow/irregular heartbeat). You can ask your doctor about Yasmin 3mg Online Trag via video calling.
This drug rarely causes serious (sometimes fatal) complications with blood clots (such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, stroke, and heart attack). Talk to your doctor about the side effects and benefits of this birth control pill. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience: Sudden shortness of breath, chest/jaw / left arm pain, abnormal sweating, confusion, bloody cough, sudden dizziness/epilepsy, pain/swelling/calf/calf weakness, tingling/weakness, / unusual headache.


Do not use Yasmin 3mg tablet if you are a smoker and over 35 years of age. Smoking increases the risk of severe cardiovascular side effects (cardiovascular problems) from birth control pills, including heart attack, blood clots, or heart attack. This risk increases with age and the number of cigarettes you smoke.Birth control pills can help reduce the risk of pregnancy when taken as prescribed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take Yasmin 3mg tablets?

Take one tablet orally at the same time every day. The failure rate increases when the pills are gone or taken incorrectly.
For maximum contraceptive effect, Yasmin 3 mg tablets should be taken in the order indicated on the blister pack. Take single missed pills as soon as you remember. You can easily find this drug Yasmin 3mg online.

How to start Yasmin tablets?

Instruct the patient to take Yasmin 3mg tablets on the first day of menopause (early day 1) or the first Sunday after the onset of her menopause (early Sunday). Can this tablet help protect against diseases like HIV?
They do not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases.

How well Yasmin 3mg tablet performs?

The chances of women getting pregnant depend on how well she follows the instructions for taking your birth control pills. The better she follows the instructions, the less likely she is to get pregnant.
Based on the results of two clinical studies, 1 in 100 people may become pregnant within the first year of using Yasmin 3mg tablets.


This medicine is very effective for preventing pregnancy and gives you excellent results if you take your medication on time. This medicine is available on all day meds where you can easily buy Yasmin 3mg online on our website. The product code for this medicine is agm891, and these tablets are manufactured in Berlex Labs. We also started our services in the USA, where we delivered this medicine to everyone.

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