Topamac 100 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Topiramate
  • Brand Name : Topamax
  • Manufacture Name : Johnson & Johnson
  • Presentation : Tablets
  • Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days
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If you are suffering from severe issues of Seizures that are generally caused by Epilepsy, your doctor may prescribe you to buy Topamac 100mg online or from a nearby drugstore. It also cures Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (Lgs) and Migraine problems. 

About Medicine:

  • The generic constituent of this medicine is Topiramate.
  • The medicine is available with the brand name of Topamax.
  • The medicine is manufactured and sold by Janssen India Pharmaceuticals.
  • These are crafted in the form of tablets. Each strip of Topamac 100mg contains 10 tablets.
  • It should be stored at standard room temperature ranging from 10 to 30°C.
  • You can easily buy Topamac 100mg online or from a nearby medical shop.

What is the standard dose of Topamac 100mg?

Before you buy Topamac 100mg online or offline, you should have a clear idea about the dosing procedure of the medicine. It may vary according to your clinical condition, as well as your age. 

  • Normal Dose: You should stick to the dosing method that is instructed by your general physician. Do not take more or less than what is prescribed to you. Continue taking the medicine for the duration your doctor has instructed. The tablets should be taken orally and swallowed as a whole with a glass of water. You should not crush or chew the tablet while consuming it. You can take it with or without food.
  • Overdose: If forgetfully you take more Topamac 100mg tablets than usual, you may face problems and adverse side effects. Hence, you must rush to seek medical help whenever any such situation arises.
  • Missed Dose: If you drop a dose of the medicine in between, it is preferred that you take it the moment you remember. But, if the time is close to your next dosage then skip the missed one. Do not take a double dose to make up the forgotten one as it is proven to be harmful.
  • Quitting: You should not quit your medication in between unless prescribed and instructed by a doctor. As medicines do have withdrawal effects, which can be severe. However, if you cannot get Topamac 100mg online or locally, then you can consult your doctor regarding this issue and he or she may suggest an alternative of similar composition.

What are the side effects that may come on your way?

As soon as you buy Topamac 100mg online or from a local store, you should be ready and prepared to monitor yourself and find out if you are facing any severe side effects. The side effects are generally mild and go away after a few days. But, if it stays for a long time you should seek medical help.

  • Common Side Effects: These are a few side effects that generally show up. But it goes away after a few weeks when the medicine gets adjusted to your body. These are Tremors, Back pain, Constipation, Blurred Vision, Weakness, Loss of Appetite, and Pale Skin. These are mild in general but if they show up occasionally, you should consult your doctor regarding the same and he may help you find a way out.
  • Severe or Rare Side Effects: Blurred vision, Dizziness, Unusual tiredness, and weakness, Abdominal pain, Loss of appetite, and Hair loss are a few of the rare yet severe side effects that you may face. It is better to consult your doctor if you are developing symptoms of any of these side effects.

What are the precautionary measures and warnings that you should keep in mind?

There are a few precautionary measures that you should follow strictly to maintain a healthy life and make the medicine work efficiently. Soon after you start taking the medicine after buying Topamac 100mg onlineor locally, you should start practicing these few habits:

  • Workout Daily: Exercising daily will help you improve your body's blood circulation. This will grade up your energy level and improve your thinking abilities.
  • Eat Healthily: Eat a healthy diet so your brain gets the nutrients it needs. Some foods containing omega-3 fatty acids (such as oily fish) may benefit brain health and keep you mentally active. 
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water and fluids might help you stay hydrated and rejuvenated. This will lessen the chance of your nausea and vomiting tendency.
  • Take rest: Try to rest and relax. Putting a heating pad or covered hot water bottle on your stomach may also help you cope up with any kind of abdominal pain. Having a warm bath or shower can help you relax and relieve the pain. 

What are the benefits of using Topamac 100mg?

You can get Topamac 100mg online or locally. This medicine works effectively and cures severe problems as well as the minor ones. Your doctor may prescribe you this medicine if you are suffering any of the problems mentioned below:

  • Epilepsy/Seizures: This medicine works efficiently in bringing down the frequency of the seizures. It decreases the nerve impulse which is the main cause of the seizures. It also remedies psychological symptoms like confusion, lack of awareness, anxiety, and depression.
  • Migraine: It prevents migraines and the intolerable pain related to it. This works by reducing the abnormal and excessive activity of the nerve cells.
  • Lennox–Gastaut syndrome: Topamac 100 MG Tablet is used in the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome which is a type of seizures characterized by multiple seizures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) In which countries is this medicine approved?

Ans: This medicine is approved by India, Japan, and the United States.

2) Is this medicine habit-forming?

Ans: No, it is not a habit-forming medicine. But, it is better to consult a doctor before stopping its course in between, as it may bring back the pain.

3) Does this react with Alprazolam?

Ans: Yes, it reacts with Alprazolam, which is mainly used to treat anxiety. Hence, these medicines should not be taken together.

4) How long does the effect of this medicine last?

Ans: The effect of this medicine lasts for an average duration of 2 to 3 days. Hence, you should follow the instructions of your doctor regarding the dosage.

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