Tacroz 0.03% Ointment

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  • Generic Name : Tacrolimus
  • Brand Name : Protopic
  • Manufacture Name : Glenmark, INDIA
  • Presentation : Tube
  • Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days
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Tacroz, 0.03 % ointment, is utilized for curing eczema. It is an immunosuppressive drug. It is helpful for those who cannot respond to other eczema medicines. It is used to cure mild and extreme atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is swelling of the skin. It can be identified by the presence of itching. It is also characterized by the redness of the skin. Rashes are also visible in this condition. Tacroz 0.03 must be utilized by those who cannot respond to other treatments. Toddlers should not use it. But if you are looking for an easy peasy and effective means to remove your eczema woes, then Tacroz 0.03% ointment will turn out to be your best friend. Now you can BUY TACROZ .03% 10GM ONLINE, at affordable prices with All Day Med.



Tacroz 0.03% ointment 10 gm is used to cure acute eczema. It is used to cure redness. It is helpful in getting rid of irritation. It comes as a relief for those who have to deal with itchiness.



Put a thin layer of Tacroz ointment 10 gm on the site of the application according to the recommendation of your doctor. Consult your doctor if the condition doesn’t ameliorate or get solved. Always go by the instructions that are present on the label. Never use bandages or conceal the site of application until and unless it has been suggested by your doctor. Never use huge or less amount of the ointment than instructed. 



Don’t use it if you have an allergy to tacrolimus. Avoid it if you have an allergy to macrolide antibiotics.



Tarcoz ointment 10 gm can cause hair bumps. It can lead to the formation of acne. It can lead to an increment in the reactivity of the skin to heat and chills. It can result in skin blebs. It can also lead to the prickling of the skin. You can also undergo feelings of something penetrating or burning at the place where you have used the ointment. So, BUY TACROZ .03% 10GM ONLINE, and it is better to go according to the advice of your doctor.



  • Can a pregnant woman apply the ointment?

No. Consult the doctor before applying it.

  • Can a woman use it while breastfeeding?

No. It can flow through the maternal milk and reach the infant.

  • Can a person ride a vehicle after applying the ointment?

It is unknown. But if a person faces any adverse effects, then he should cease driving.

  • Can a person drink liquor after applying it?

Avoid drinking liquor in large amounts while applying the ointment. The ointment can make you reactive to the impacts of liquor.

  • Can the ointment lead to skin cancer?

Yes. There is a chance of having skin cancer. You must always consult the doctor and discuss the matter with him. You must not let your skin get sunlight. In order to let it happen, you can use covered clothes. There can be bad effects in the case of people with skin conditions that are malignant. You should always take the required amount of dose. 

  • Can a person with Netherton’s syndrome apply the ointment?

No. There can be a high rate of systemic absorption. Therefore, it should be avoided.

  • Can a person apply it to places other than skin?

Never. Use it only on the places on the skin which have been affected.


It decreases the coping mechanism of the skin. This results in the reduction of allergic reactions.



 BUY TACROZ .03% 10GM ONLINE. Consult your doctor before using it. Clean your hands thoroughly prior to and after using the ointment. Apply only the required amount of the ointment. Use it on a clean and dry area.


Interactions with other medicines

  • Itraconazole
  • Voriconazole
  • Ketoconazole
  • Fluconazole
  • Clotrimazole
  • Ritonavir
  • Nelfinavir
  • Saquinavir


Keep it at room temperature. Don’t forget to shut the lid after the application. Don’t use it after the expiry date.



Discard it as per the advice of the druggist.



What to do if more than the required amount of ointment is applied?

Excessive dosage can result in hair bumps and the creation of acne. Consult the doctor in case of excessive application.

What to do if a person forgets to use the ointment?

Use the medicine as soon as you remember. If it is time for the next application, then omit it.



  • What should you tell to your doctor before applying the ointment?

Share your medical records. Report any allergic reactions caused by the medicine.


  • When should you avoid applying this ointment?

Don’t use it if you have a weak defense mechanism.


  • Will the ointment lead to reactions?

It will make you prone to sensitivities under the sun. Don’t go under direct sunlight.


  • When should you cease to use this ointment?

Finish the course of the ointment. Consult the doctor before discontinuing it.


  • What are the parameters on the basis of which the dosage of the ointment fixed?

Weight, blood test results, and medical conditions are the parameters on the basis of which the dosage of the ointment is fixed.

Tacroz ointment 10 gm will release you from all your tensions and worries. It will remove your pains and rashes. Now you can buy TACROZ 10 GM ONLINE from All Day Med. All Day Med is a reliable, certified, and licensed medical company that delivers the best medicines in an easily accessible and user-friendly way. Backed by a strong and genuine service system, All Day Med has continued to provide excellent healthcare. You can buy medicines by All Day Med without going to any drugstore or right at your fingertips - online. All Day Med brings Tacroz ointment 10 gm for you. Grab it before it’s late. For more details, visit our official website https://alldaymed.com/.

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