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  • Generic Name : Carbidopa+Levodopa
  • Brand Name : Sinemet
  • Manufacture Name : Sun Pharma
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Syndopa is an antiparkinsonian medicine, a drug with a combination of two active ingredients: Levodopa (100 mg), Carbidopa (10 mg). It’s an effective medication for Parkinson’s disease and usually as a first line treatment in many cases.

When prescribed by a doctor, one can avail this medicine in a retail store or buy Syndopa 110mg online with service like ours.

What is this Syndopa 110mg used for?

Syndopa 110mg is used to treat Parkinson’s disease and the related symptoms in different conditions under parkinsonism such as shakiness, body stifness, retarded movement.

How does Syndopa 110mg work?

The Parkisnon’s disease and its symptoms are attributed to the lack of dopamine inside the brain. This necessitates the manual injection of dopamine into the brain to treat the condition. For this, Levodopa in the medication which is a precursor to dopamine; on implementation in the brain gets converted into dopamine for regular function. But Levodopa cannot cross the blood barrier and metabolizes upto 90% before reaching the brain. In order to inhibit this, Carbidopa is added along with it to prevent this breaking down in the process. This combined effect of the Levodopa and Carbidopa allows to increase the dopamine, thereby treating the parkinson's disease.

If you want to experience such therapeutic effects for your condition, you can buy Syndopa 110mg with the help of doctor’s consultation.

How to take the Syndopa 110mg medication?

The usage of Syndopa should be prescribed by a doctor with proper instructions.
Take Syndopa at close to the same time every day. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully. Take levodopa and carbidopa exactly as directed. Do not take the medicine in excess of what is prescribed by your doctor as your body may not be able to tolerate and cause side effects along the process.

Do not break, chew the tablets. Swallow whole with a glass of water.

Do not switch Syndopa with any other medication without checking with a doctor.

As the medication only controls the symptoms and doesn’t cure it, it may take months before you feel the benefits of Syndopa. This should deter you anywhere along the therapy from completing the course.

If you have stopped taking the tablets in between and want to restart the medication, consult a doctor as severe kickbacks may occur with the use.

Always confirm and check the label, to see if it’s the right medication and buy Syndopa 110mg online with these things in mind.

Missed dose:

If you have failed to take a dose, try to take it when you remember as soon as possible. You can skip for that instant, if it’s close to the next dosage time. Stick to schedule to avoid slip ups.


Overdosage of Syndopa induces severe symptoms and needs immediate medical attention.

What are the common side effects of using this medicine?

The use of this medicine comes with a few side effects that develop depending on the individual and regularity of use. The common side effects are a part of medication’s action on the body and should be treated as such.

Take rest and keep yourself hydrated, to deal with these side effects. If you see any abnormal and severe symptoms with use of medicine, consult a doctor immediately.
Talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional when you buy Syndopa 110mg for appropriate use.

These are common side effects and do not warrant medical attention

loss of appetite
dry mouth
Uncontrolled movements
These are rare and serious side effects that should be checked with a doctor.
Irregular heartbeat
increased sweating
swelling in parts of body
Breathing difficulty
forgetfulness or confusion

Warning before use:

It is in your interest to get a medical checkup with a doctor before you buy Syndopa 110mg tab and verify if you are prone to any unwanted adverse health effects.

The following health warnings provide some issues to be looked for.

If you have a history of compulsive behaviour such as gambling, driving; the use of this medication can worsen such difficulties.

If you have a history or are susceptible to hallucinations, you will experience worsening of your mental condition.

If you have a history of mental health problems such as depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, these symptoms may be elevated involved risks.

If you have had narrow angle glaucoma, this medicine should be used with caution to avoid the worsening of the condition.

If you have any liver and kidney impairment, this medicine should be used with caution. Re-adjustment of dosage and monitoring is advised.

If you have had heart disorders such as arrhythmia, stroke etc, then this medicine should be used with caution especially if it was in the past 6 months time If you are allergic to Levodopa and Carbidopa or other inactive ingredients utilized, you may experience intense allergic reactions.

If you choose to buy syndopa 100mg for personal use, it is best to talk to your doctor beforehand about drug use of any kind that could inhibit the medication effects.


If you are pregnant, this medication is best avoided and can be used selectively only when needed.

This medicine should not be used with alcohol to prevent vision and mental disturbances.

If you have depression or similar mood/mental problems, avoid the medicine.
When you buy Syndopa 110mg online or in retail stores, check the label and other details of medicine.


The medicine should be stored at a temperature below 30°C away from light and moisture, in its original package.

Keep the medication away from children and pets, to avoid unwanted mishaps.

General FAQ

Q. What is the medicine for?

A. This medicine is used to treat Parkinson’s disease and similar symptoms of it in other diseases.

Q. What is the right dosage for me?

A. The right dosage for an individual varies person to person. Check with a doctor for right guidance with use.

Q.Is it safe to take alcohol while using the medicine?

A. No, the alcohol on interacting with the medicine increases the chances of side effects such as drowsiness, fainting among others.

Q.Is Syndopa 110mg available as OTC drug?

A. It is advised to check with a healthcare professional before you buy Syndopa 110mg for such details.

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