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Silagra 100mg tablet is a medicine used to treat issues related to impotence in men commonly known as erectile dysfunction. The medicine functions by increasing the flow of blood within the penis. Consequently, it helps men to attain an erection.  The medicine belongs to a category of chemicals known as type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors. 

Silagra 100mg tablet can be consumed in an empty stomach or along with a complete meal. You should strictly follow the advice of your doctor. However, you should consume it an hour before your plan of having sex.  You can BUY SILAGRA 100MG ONLINE.


Side-effects of Silagra 100mg

A patient is likely to experience side-effects while consuming this medicine. The side-effects can be evaluated as headache, flushing, or a sense of warmth and dizziness. The moderate side-effects emanating from the medicine can be identified as blurred vision, severe pain in the muscles, and so forth. Additionally, the patient can suffer from stomach or digestion disorders and skin rashes. A doctor should be consulted if these side-effects bother you or persist for a long duration. You should take necessary precautions while you BUY SILAGRA 100MG ONLINE.


Warnings associated with Silagra 100mg

The medicine should be strictly prohibited by females. Men should strictly avoid using any other drugs along with Silagra 100mg to treat impotence without the doctor's advice. It can work as a toxic when it is consumed with medicines known as nitrates. The medicine can interact with nitrates to produce a negative effect.  Consequently, the patient can suffer due to angina or chest pain. The medicine should be strictly avoided in case of liver diseases and severe heart diseases.  Additionally, the medicine is deemed to be unfit for consumption if you have suffered from a heart stroke or attack recently.  The medicine can aggravate the side-effects of low blood pressure. Hence, it is strongly recommended that a doctor should be informed about the mentioned health issues before you BUY SILAGRA 100MG ONLINE. 

Avoid driving a vehicle in case you are feeling dizzy, or your vision is blurred. Moreover, you should avoid drinking alcohol as alcohol is known to aggravate the chances of side-effects. 

Instructions to follow while consuming Silagra 100mg

The time taken by the medicine to function can vary from person to person. On the contrary, the normal time taken for its functioning is estimated between thirty minutes or one hour. This medicine is suggested to attain an erection when you are naturally stimulated towards sex. This medicine should be avoided when you are not suffering from erectile dysfunction. The medicine should be consumed only once per day. These instructions should be taken into account before you BUY SILAGRA 100MG ONLINE.


Tips to use Silagra 100mg tablet

The medicine should be used as per the duration and dose that has been prescribed by the doctor. The medicine should be swallowed as a whole. Avoid chewing, crushing, or breaking the medicine. The tablet can be consumed without or with food; nevertheless, the medicine should be consumed at a fixed time every day. In case a dose of the tablet is missed, it should be consumed immediately. However, if it is the time to consume your next dose, skip your previous dose. Therefore, you must adhere to your prior schedule. Do not take medicine as an overdose. Follow this instruction before you BUY SILAGRA 100MG. 


Interaction with other drugs

The medicine can modify the result of the medicine when it is used with nitroglycerin and Isosorbide Dinitrate. It can create life-threatening risks such as isosorbide mononitrate and nicorandil. 


FAQs related to Silagra 100mg

Can I procure Silagra 100mg without a medical prescription?

No, the medicine cannot be obtained in the absence of a doctor’s prescription. Your doctor shall prescribe the medicine only after judging the pros and cons of the medicine as per your health conditions. 

Can Silagra 100mg be consumed as per individual desires?

Avoid consuming Silagra 100mg more than once per day.  In case the medicine is consumed as an overdose, the patient is likely to experience aggravated side-effects along with severity. Roll your eyes through these FAQs before you BUY SILAGRA 100MG.

When should Silagra 100mg be consumed?

The medicine should be consumed 1 hour before having sex.  The tablet should be swallowed along with a glass of water. Your doctor should be consulted in case you feel the effect of the medicine is too weak or strong. 

Can the medicine be consumed in case of premature ejaculation?

No, avoid using Silagra 100mg for premature ejaculation as it fails to cure premature ejaculation.  

Why is the consumption of the medicine contraindicated with nitrates?

The medicine can prove to be extremely harmful to patients consuming medicines to maintain low blood pressure as the interaction can lower the blood pressure to a great extent. Consequently, it can also lead to sudden death.  In many cases, if these medicines are consumed together, a time gap of 24 hours should be maintained. 

How can Silagra 100mg cause a fall in blood pressure?

The medicine can relax the smooth muscles present in the blood vessels and it can widen them. Consequently, it causes a fall in blood pressure, which is commonly known as hypotension. 

Is Silagra fit for consumption during the twenties?

If prescribed by the doctor, the medicine can be consumed in the twenties.

Can Silagra be consumed with patients suffering from diabetes?

Yes, medicine can be consumed if it used by diabetic patients.

Does Silagra affect categories of infertility?

Silagra has zilch effects on fertility.

Is the use of alcohol safe?

Consuming alcohol can impair your ability to attain an erection temporarily. Therefore, avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol to derive the maximum benefits of the medicine. Roll your eyes carefully before you BUY SILAGRA 100MG. 


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