Sebifin 250 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Terbinafine HCl
  • Brand Name :  Lamisil
  • Manufacture Name : Sun Pharma
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Sebifin 250 MG Tablet is an antifungal medicine, which is useful in treating fungal infections. The fungal infections are caused due to certain fungi and yeasts such as jock itch, athlete's foot, onychomycosis, or nail fungus, and infections caused due to ringworm.  This medicine is deemed to be unfit for use by patients below 18 years.

Side-effects of sebifin

There are minor and major side effects of Sebifin 250MG tablet. The side-effects can range from fever, diarrhea, joint pain, headache, sudden loss of appetite, etc.  Additionally,   the side-effects observed in rare cases can be identified as nausea or vomiting, yellowing of eyes or skin, and darkened urine. The side-effects should be taken into account while buying SEBIFIN 250MG ONLINE. 

Uses of Sebifin 250MG tablet

Sebifin 250MG is prescribed in the following cases:

  • Tinea cruris or jock itch: This medicine can be used to treat fungal infections occurring on the inner thighs, around the genitals or buttocks. 
  • Tinea pedis or Athlete’s foot:  It is used to cure the fungal infections emerging on the feet
  • Ringworm infection or Tinea Corporis: This medicine can help treat superficial fungal infections occurring in the legs or arms. 
  • Onychomycosis or fungal infection of the nails:  Sebifin 250MG tablet is used to cure fungal infections around the toenail or fingernail.  These fungal infections can be identified as discoloration of nail along with crumbly or ragged nails. These uses should be kept in mind while you BUY SEBIFIN 250MG.


  • Missed Dose: The missed dose should be consumed as soon as you remember. However, if it is time to consume your next dose, avoid consuming the missed dose.  Do not double this dose to make up for the missed one. 
  • Overdose: You must try to seek emergency medical treatment in case of an overdose.  Moreover, if the emergency persists, contact your physician immediately. 

Cases whereby SEBIFIN 250MG ONLINE should not be used:

  • Allergy: The medicine is deemed unfit for use in the case of allergies associated with terbinafine.  Furthermore, the medicine cannot be used with inactive ingredients that are present in the formulation. Remember to consider these cases before you purchase SEBIFIN 250MG ONLINE. 
  • Liver disease: The medicine is not safe for use in the case of patients with liver diseases. It can aggravate cases of patients suffering from chronic or active liver problems. 

General instructions

This medicine can be consumed along with food or even without food.  However, the pattern directed by the doctor should be followed.  You should avoid taking small or large amounts than prescribed by the doctor.  If you are encountering any detrimental side-effects, you should consult your physician immediately.  Additionally, you are required to complete the treatment course.  Avoid stopping the use of medicine without consulting your doctor. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the general instructions should be thoroughly read before you buy SEBIFIN 250MG ONLINE. 

Working procedure of Sebifin 250mg

The medicine functions by stopping the creation of a specific vital component present in the fungal cell wall.  Consequently, it results in disrupting the process of cell membrane formation. The growth of the organism is successfully stunted.  


The drugs present in Sebifin 250 mg can interact differently on different organisms. Therefore, you should critically examine the possible interactions with different tenets before consuming the medicine. 

  • Interaction with alcohol; Interaction with alcohol hasn’t been examined to date. However, you can consult your doctor before you BUY SEBIFIN 250MG. 

  • Interaction with other medicine: The reaction of medicine can range from severe to moderate in different cases.  It can create serious issues while reacting with Pimozide, Leflunomide, and Dextromethorphan.  It can give rise to moderate issues while reacting with Codeine, Doxepin, Clozapine, Carvedilo, and Duloxetine. 

Interaction with different diseases

  • Depression: The medicine should be used prudently while dealing with patients with depression, as it can aggravate the side-effects of depression.  However, appropriate corrective measures such as adjustments of dose or replacement with suitable substitutes can be taken, as per the clinical condition. 
  • Neutropenia: This tablet should be used with caution in patients suffering from neutropenia. However, it should be noted that the dose of medicine can aggravate the patient's condition. 
  • Liver disease: This medicine is not recommended for use by patients suffering from active or chronic liver diseases, as it can worsen the patient's condition.  Hence, extreme caution should be maintained in the case of patients with a history of liver defects.  Liver functioning should be closely monitored for such patients.  Therefore, you should carefully take into account these conditions while you purchase SEBIFIN 250MG ONLINE. 
  • Kidney disease: This medicine should be used carefully by patients suffering from kidney diseases, due to the increased risk of side-effects. The kidney function should be monitored regularly; the dose of the medicine should be adjusted appropriately and should be replaced with a suitable alternative in severe cases. 

Warnings for special population

  • Pregnancy: This medicine should not be used by pregnant women unless mandatory.  The pros and cons of the medicine should be negotiated with the doctor before you BUY SEBIFIN 250MG.
  • Breast-feeding: The use of this medicine should be avoided by breastfeeding women unless necessary. Hence, the benefits and risks of the medicine should be discussed with the doctor on time. 

General warnings

  • Blood cell count: It should be noted that medicine can reduce the count of certain blood cells or neutrophils.  Therefore, necessary caution should be taken by patients who have a decreased blood cell count.  The blood cell count should be frequently monitored in such patients. 
  • Driving or operating machinery: The medicine can give rise to blurred vision and dizziness in rare cases.  Therefore, it is highly advised that activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery should be prohibited after consuming this medicine. 

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