Progynova 2Mg

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  • Generic Name : estradiol
  • Brand Name : estrace
  • Manufacture Name : Bayer
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Progynova 2mg tablet is a common female sex hormone commonly known as estrogen. This is a well-known hormone replacement therapy that can be used to cure symptoms related with menopause. The tablet is useful in curing allergies associated with vaginal dryness, hot flushes and regular itching. The medicine can be used to replace the deficiency arising due to lack of estrogen. Additionally, medicine can be used to cure thinning of bones commonly   known as osteoporosis. In a few cases, the medicine can be used to cure prostate cancer along with breast cancer when it is consumed with anticancer medicines. Go through this description before you purchase PROGYNOVA 2MG ONLINE.


Instructions for consuming Progynova 2mg 

The medicine should be swallowed with an adequate amount of water.  The medicine can be consumed with or without meals. However, it should be consumed as per a fixed schedule per day to attain better efficacy. The directions for using this medicine such as duration and dose should be prescribed by the doctor. The missed dosage should be consumed immediately after you remember it. Avoid missing any dose of the medicine and follow the full course of the treatment. Avoid stopping the treatment abruptly without consulting your doctor as it can affect the potency of the medicine adversely. Roll your eyes through these instructions before you purchase PROGYNOVA 2MG ONLINE.


Side-effects of the medicine 

There are numerous side-effects of the medicine. The common ones can be identified as breast pain, headaches, excessive hair loss and nausea. The moderate side-effects of the medicine can be seen as irregular spotting or bleeding in the vagina along with bloating or abdominal cramps. A few symptoms and side-effects require medical attention. These can be identified as lumps around the breasts, excessive bleeding of the vagina, dizziness, severe headaches and so forth.  Moreover, the side-effects can be identified as troubles in exhaling, pain in the chest and legs. Read this side-effects carefully before you BUY PROGYNOVA 2MG ONLINE. 


General instructions for consuming Progynova 2mg tablet

Before using this medicine, it is important to consult your doctor if you have used the same medicine for other purposes. Before commencing with this HRT therapy, a doctor should be consulted if you had a history of vague vaginal bleeding and blood clot in your lungs or legs. A doctor should be consulted in case you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Your doctor is likely to recommend a few laboratory or diagnostic tests to know the effects of the medicine on your body.  Read these instructions with caution before you purchase PROGYNOVA 2MG ONLINE.


Benefits of Progynova 2mg tablet

 The medicine can be useful in relieving the symptoms that occur during menopause. It is useful in relieving symptoms such as night sweats and undesirable mood swings. Additionally, it can reduce symptoms such as reduced sex drive and dryness in vagina. This medicine is highly recommended since the symptoms of menopause can last for a long span of time. Thus, this medicine can enhance your mood and daily activities. Estrogen is one of the essential hormones used in this therapy along with progesterone. However, remember to use this medicine as per the dose and duration prescribed by the doctor. This information should be taken into account before you PROGYNOVA 2MG ONLINE.


Directions for using the Progynova 2mg tablet

The tablet consists of a female sex hormone. It works by minimizing the risks of symptoms that are witnessed during menopause. Additionally, the medicine works by preventing the bones from turning fragile and porous. 

The medicine should be consumed as per a fixed schedule specified by the doctor. Avoid chewing, breaking or crushing the tablet into pieces. The medicine should be swallowed as a whole with the help of an adequate amount of water. The medicine should be consumed at a fixed time to derive its best results. Read these instructions carefully before you BUY PROGYNOVA 2MG ONLINE.



Is it safe to consume alcohol along with the medicine?

Caution should be taken before you consume alcohol with the medicine. Thus, it is highly recommended that a doctor must be consulted.

Is it safe to use the medicine during pregnancy?

The tablet is said to be unsafe during pregnancy. Although there are limited results conducted on humans, the result of animal studies have displayed adverse effects on the developing baby. Your doctor is responsible for weighing the pros and cons along with potential risks before prescribing it to you. Therefore, please consult your doctor. Treat these warnings with necessary caution before you BUY PROGYNOVA 2MG ONLINE. 

Can the medicine be used during the process of breastfeeding?

The tablet is said to be unsafe during the process of breastfeeding. The data from human researches exhibit that the drug and chemicals present in the medicine can prove to be toxic for the baby.

Can the medicine be used while driving?

Progynova 2mg tablet is safe for consumption while driving. The tablet produces zilch effects on a person’s ability to drive.

Is the medicine safe for consumption for the patients with kidney defects?

The medicine should be used with necessary caution in patients suffering from kidney disease. Therefore, you should consult your doctor as dose adjustment of the medicine can be required accordingly.

Is the medicine safe for use in patients suffering from liver diseases?

The tablet should be consumed with utmost caution by patients suffering from liver disease. The dose of the medicine should be adjusted as per the condition of the patient.  Thus, it is highly recommended that you should consult your doctor. Moreover, the tablet is not recommended for use by patients who had a previous history of liver disease. The patients with disorganized liver function tests should avoid consuming the medicine. 


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