Prazopress 1Mg

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  • Generic Name : Prazosin
  • Brand Name : Minipress
  • Manufacture Name : Sun Pharma
  • Presentation : Tablets
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These tablets belong to a class of medicines called Alpha Blockers and are used to treat high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension, and enlargement of the prostate gland in men.

How does this medication work?

These tablets are often taken in combination with other drugs when it’s difficult to control high blood pressure. They make it easier for the heart to pump blood to different parts of the body by relaxing the blood vessels. Doing so, the blood pressure is kept under control and reduces the risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or other kidney problems. While taking the medicine one must ensure not to chew or break it, but to swallow it as a whole.

What are the benefits of buying Prazopress 1mg online?

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia
This is a medical condition that results in the enlargement of the prostate gland in men. These tablets relieve this condition by relaxing the muscles of the prostate gland and the ones at the base of the bladder. If an individual is suffering from this disease, he/she can buy Prazopress 1mg, for the intake of these tablets makes it easier for the urine to pass and reduces the tendency to urinate frequently.

These tablets help to lower the pressure and thus reduce the risk of getting affected by a heart attack, stroke, and kidney problems.

Heart failure
These tablets are often used when all other medications fail to give results. Consumption of these tablets makes it easier for the heart to pump blood to all parts of the body by relaxing the blood vessels. These tablets have an added advantage, for they help to improve the functioning of the heart and reduces the symptoms of congestion.

One can buy Prazopress 1mg online to treat heart failure, high blood pressure and benign prostate hyperplasia (the enlargement of the prostate gland in men)


The following are the common side-effects that may occur after the intake of Prazopress 1mg.

Low energy
Swelling of legs
Loss of bladder control
Dryness of mouth

One should have basic knowledge about these side-effects before they buy Prazopress 1mg.

The above-listed side-effects do not require much medical attention, for they will disappear soon once the body gets along with the medicine. But in case if any of the side-effects persist, one must consult the doctor right away to sort them out.

How to deal side-effects

This is a common side-effect that patients usually experience after the medication. Drinking plenty of liquids would help to relieve the headache. Moreover, the patients should ensure that they sleep in a dimly lit room while having a headache. They shouldn’t indulge in tedious activities, for this can worsen the headache. Drinking alcohol isn’t encouraged as well. If the above measures do not relieve the headache, then one should consult a doctor for effective measures.

Patients can buy Prazopress 1mg from nearby medical shops

If a person experiences palpitation after taking the medicine regularly, the patient should stop taking the medicine and consult a doctor. The respective doctor will prescribe an alternative medicine to cure the disease. While taking the medicine the patient should try to take it during a suitable time, so that the person can sit or lie down. Failing to do so can worsen the symptoms.

Alter your eating habits by including more energy giving food in your diet. Eating a well-balanced diet would help to boost one’s energy. Regular exercise can help to improve health. If there is no improvement even after a week, one should consider consulting the doctor, for they can help by resorting to alternative medicine which can give better results

Intake of the medicine can make one sleepy during the day. If you feel so, try to rest by taking a short nap. This can improvise the condition. Small activities like walking and regular exercise would be beneficial. Avoid driving until the condition gets better. It is also advised to try the medicine at bedtime or to reduce the dosage of the medicine. One can try doing this after considering the suggestions of the doctor.

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Q. How long will Prazopress 1mg take to initiate effect?

A. The medicine will start showing the effect within 2 hours of administration of the dose.

Q. How long will the effect of this medicine last?

A. The medicine will show effect for a duration of 10 to 24 hours.

Q. is it safe to consume alcohol during the medication?

A. Drowsiness is a common side-effect that most of the patients experience during the intake of the medicine. So, the intake of alcohol along with this can worsen drowsiness.

Q. Where can one buy Prazopress 1mg from?

A. These tablets are easily available at all drugstores. If not, one can buy them online from AllDay Med.

Q. Is it safe for a pregnant woman to take these tablets?

A. Pregnant women are advised not to take these tablets during their pregnancy. Doing so may cause harm and affect the growth of the baby. Therefore, it is advised that such patients should consider the doctor’s suggestions before taking the medication.

Q. Can women take this medicine during the time of breastfeeding?

A. Women are highly recommended not to undergo this medication during the time of breastfeeding, for there are high chances for this medicine to pass on to the breastmilk and hence cause harm.

Q. Is it safe to drive after the intake of Prazopress 1mg?

A. Consumption of these tablets may affect the patient’s vision and can also make one sleepy. If the patient is affected by any such symptoms, they shouldn’t drive.


Buy Prazopress 1mg online from AllDay Med

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