Oxitan 100 Mg Injection 50Ml

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  • Generic Name : Oxiplatin
  • Brand Name : Eloxatin
  • Manufacture Name : Fresenius Kabi
  • Presentation : Injection Vial
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OXITAN 100MG is the medicine manufactured by Fresenius Kabi India Pvt. Ltd. It contains oxaliplatin as that belongs to a class of drugs known as antineoplastic agents i.e. treatment of cancer. The therapeutic class is cytotoxic chemotherapy. You can buy Oxitan 100 mg/50ml online for killing the tumor growth.

When is Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml prescribed to the patients?

Patients can buy Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml online for the following conditions: 

  1. Metastatic cancer of the colon 
  2. Metastatic cancer of the rectum
  3. Treatment after surgery to remove a tumor.

What are the side effects of Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml?

If your doctor has asked you to buy Oxitan 100mg online for cancer treatment, you should be aware of it's possible side effects. 

  1. Burning or tingling sensation
  2. Fever 
  3. Cough
  4. Mouth ulcer
  5. Skin rash, hives
  6. Nausea and vomiting
  7. Hair loss
  8. Loss of appetite, weight gain/ loss, constipation
  9. Low WBC and platelet count
  10. Change in taste
  11. Joint or stomach pain
  12. Pain during urination
  13. Increased sweating , flaking skin

What dosage of Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml is recommended for the patients ?

If you buy Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml online, it comes as a solution for injection. It is administered in the vein by the doctor. 

Dosage: Take the dosage as advised by the doctor. 

Missed Dose: Do not miss any dose. Contact your doctor immediately if you have missed any dose.

Overdose: Seek emergency medical services in case of overdose. 

How does Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml work ?

Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml contains oxaliplatin. It is a type of platinum chemotherapy. The heavy metal compounds present in the drug inhibit synthesis of RNA, DNA and protein in cells. All these are important for cell growth and cell division. By inhibiting their growth and cell division, the medication can stop the growth of cancer cells. It harms the cancer cells causing their death. It is given by injection in vein in advanced cancer. 

Precaution and Warnings 

It is always a safe method to look for warnings before using the medication. The patients are encouraged to look for precautions before they buy Oxitan 100mg online. 

Allergy: If you have an allergy to oxaliplatin, cisplatin, carboplatin or constituent of the drug, tell your doctor beforehand. The signs of allergy could be rash, itching, shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, swelling of eyes, face , lips. This medicine can cause serious skin reactions. 

Blood cell count: This medicine may lower the white blood cells and platelets. Do not start the treatment if  you have low counts of WBC and platelets.

Infection: Patients that are undergoing treatment with Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml are at risk of having infection. It is advised to stop the chemotherapy and opt for broad- spectrum antibiotics if you face problems. 

Neuropathy: Oxitan 100mg can cause major nerve damage after its administration. The  symptoms reduce within 14 days or may persist longer than that. You should report your doctor if you experience tingling or burning sensation of hands and feet.

Hearing impairment: Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml can cause damage to ears leading to hearing problems. It is prevalent in children. To ensure proper functioning of ears, audiometric testing is required before initiating the treatment. In case, you face hearing problems, seek a doctor immediately. 

Arrhythmias: It is improper beating of heart when electric impulses in the heart do not work properly. The heartbeat can be too fast or too slow. This medicine should be used with caution in patients suffering arrhythmia. The potassium level should be monitored as it can severely affect the patient.

Liver impairment: Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml can cause liver problems. There can be elevated level of liver enzymes that may worsen the condition. Stop the medication till the level reaches normal. 

Common substitute of Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml

Incase you are facing allergy and unable to buy online  oxitan 100mg , consider the alternative medicines: 

  1. Kinaplat 100 mg infusion
  2. Oxa 100mg infusion 
  3. Oxaltor 100mg infusion
  4. Oxichemo 100mg infusion

Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml interaction with other medicines 






Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml is not recommended to be taken with Clozapine. It can cause serious drug interaction in the body that can worsen the infection. Please consult your doctor for dose adjustment or substitute. 



The effectiveness of  Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml is reduced when taken with Vancomycin . It can have major side effects in the body.You can ask for a substitute or adjust the dose as per requirement after consulting your doctor. 



Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml should not be taken with atorvastatin.It can cause severe cardiovascular issues and disturbed lipid level in the body. You should consult with your doctor for a suitable treatment alternative.

Live Vaccines


Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml with live vaccines could be life threatening. It is not recommended to take these medicines together.You can ask for a substitute or adjust the dose as per requirement after consulting your doctor. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the time taken by Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml to show its effect?

Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml effect can be seen in 2 hours after the intravenous injection.

  • How long does the effect of Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml last?

The Effect of Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml lasts for an average duration of 30-45 days. 

  • Can I take Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml during pregnancy?

It is not recommended for pregnant women due to chances of fetus deformities. 

  • What is the side effect of taking Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml with alcohol?

 The interaction with alcohol is unknown. Consult your doctor before consuming it. 

  • Can I take Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml if I have lower platelet count?

It is not recommended in patients with low white blood cell and platelet count.

From where to buy Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml online ?

Choosing an online store to buy Oxitan 100mg/ 50ml can be tedious. It is mandatory to buy it from genuine, reliable and trust- worthy stores when it comes to medicine. We at All day Med are dedicated to ensure your safety and timely delivery of your medicine. It is easy to place your order with us and get it delivered quickly.

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