Nizral 200 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Ketoconazole
  • Brand Name : Nizoral
  • Manufacture Name : Johnson & Johnson
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Nizral is an antifungal medicine that treats fungal infections in the human body. This is available in a generic form called ketoconazole. It is highly potent in working against fungal infections but also has contradictions that may outweigh benefits. One can buy Nizral 200mg online or in retail pharmacy outlets.


What is this Nizral 200mg used for?

Nizral 200mg is used to treat fungal conditions such as athlete’s foot, ringworm and other systemic fungal infections of lungs, mouth, brain among others.


How does Nizral 200mg work?

Nizral is a diazole compound that inhibits the production of ergosterol compound in the fungi. Ergosterol is present in the cell membranes of fungi responsible for many functions and cannot survive without it. By arresting the production of the ergosterol, the fungi cell growth is slowed, thereby subsequently stopping the infection.

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How to take the Nizral 200mg medication?

  • Nizral is available as OTC drug but should be used with medical supervision of a doctor as the fungal infections can be lethal when left uncontrolled without proper treatment. 
  • For dosage and treatment instructions, consult with a doctor and be clear of terms of use in every aspect for effective treatment.
  • Once you have a schedule, take the medication at the same time everyday throughout the course unless advised by a doctor.
  • Take the tablets with adequate water, swallow whole without breaking the tablets.
  • Do not stop the treatment abruptly if the situation improves as it may be only temporarily better.
  • Always confirm and check the label, to see if it’s the right medication and buy Nizral 200mg online with these things in mind.

Missed dose:

In case you missed a dose, it is safe to take the medication when you remember at the earliest. Do not take double doses to make up for slip ups. Find a suitable schedule for your convenience.


If overdosed is suspected, check with a doctor to prevent unwanted problems.


What are the common side effects of using this medicine?

  • There are some side effects inherent that develop with the use of Nizral, similar to any other medication. The severity and the occurrence depends on the patient alone. Anyway, the majority of side effects are mild at best and do not cause much discomfort. In the event you experience severe symptoms check with a doctor immediately.
  • Take rest and keep yourself hydrated, to deal with these side effects. If you see any abnormal and severe symptoms with use of medicine, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Check with a doctor or pharmacist to confirm the authenticity and appropriate formulation if you buy Nizral 200mg online and get the product.
  • These are common side effects and do not warrant medical attention
    • Diarrhea
    • Hair thinning
    • Vomiting
    • rash/itching
    • Loss of appetite
  • These are rare and serious side effects that should be checked with a doctor.
    • Dizziness
    • Blurred vision
    • Chest pain
    • Yellowing of skin or eyes
    • Joint pain


Warning before use:

 Before you start treatment with this medication, it is suggested to get a medical checkup and see if it doesn't pose any health risks for you. Review any related contradictions; you may find it if you look for Nizral 200mg online.

The following health warnings provide some context of issues that are likely.


The use of Nizral can cause hepatotoxicity including conditions of hepatitis cholestatic, necrosis, cirrhosis among others that may have serious outcomes. Check with your doctor if it is recommended for you and if it can cause health conflicts.

QT prolongation

In individuals with heart maladies such as arrhythmia, irregular heart rhythms, this medicine can induce contraction of heart rate.

Adrenal problems

In individuals with adrenal issues, this medication should be used with caution as it may inhibit adrenaline secretion and result in worsening of health conditions. Re-adjustment of dose could be needed along with regular checkups.

Kidney problems

In individuals with kidney impairment, this medicine increases the risk of decrease in function. Hence caution is to be exercised with its use under medical supervision.


If you are allergic to Ketoconazole or any inactive ingredients involved in this medication, you are likely to suffer allergic reactions

Adverse reactions

Nizral has demonstrated efficacy to produce some harmful side effects in rare cases such as papilloedema, thrombocytopenia, pustulosis among others. It is advised to review Nizral 200mg online for any potential side effects of any kind before treatment.


Drug interactions

  • There are quite a few drugs such as gastric acid suppressants and antibiotics that interfere and alter the way the medication works. This may be injurious at worst and neutralize the medicative effects to some degree. 
  • It is suggested to be deliberate when you discuss your drug use of any kind with a doctor before you buy Nizral 200mg online or otherwise to prevent such instances.
  • The following list provides some of the few drugs:
    • Cisapride 
    • Nisoldipine 
    • Dofetilide 
    • Pimozide 
    • Eplerenone 
    • Quinidine 
    • ergotamine 
    • dihydroergotamine 
    • Alprazolam 
    • carbamazepine 
    • rifampin 
    • nevirapine



  1. The medicine should be stored at a temperature 15°-25°C away from sunlight. 
  2. Keep the medication out of reach, away from children and pets.


General FAQ

What is the medicine for?

This medicine is used to treat different fungal infections in the human body.

Is the medicine safe for breastfeeding and pregnant women

It is not clear if the medicine has any effects in such cases. Check with a doctor for your condition.

Can I drive after taking the medication?

As the medication can induce dizziness and blurred vision with its use. It is advised to stay away from driving and also using heavy machinery.


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