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  • Generic Name : Primidone
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Mysoline 250 mg tablets are used to treat epilepsy and to prevent it. This medical condition occurs either as a result of a genetic disorder or as an aftermath of a severe brain injury like a stroke or trauma. This is a long-term medical condition that causes seizures which can be kept under control with the help of Mysoline 250mg tablets. This disorder adversely affects the nerve cell activities in the brain and eventually causes seizures.

Common symptoms of Epilepsy

This medical condition is self-diagnosable, with easily recognizable symptoms though it varies from person to person. Usually, patients experience symptoms like muscle spasms, fatigue, rhythmic muscle contractions, anxiety, depression, amnesia, and seizures. When a person possesses abnormal behaviour like unusual sensations or loss of consciousness, he/she is showing the symptoms of a seizure. One can consider buying Mysoline 250mg online if you experience similar symptoms after consulting a doctor.

How does Mysoline Tablet work?

These tablets belong to the drug class Barbiturate. They help in repressing the activity of nerve cells in the brain by increasing the action of GABA. Hence, they help to control the seizures.

General instructions to be kept in mind while taking Mysoline 250mg.

The patient can buy Mysoline 250mg online and can take the medicine on a fixed timely basis with the appropriate dose as prescribed by the doctor. Adequate care should be taken during the consumption of the same, for you are not supposed to break or chew the tablets, but to swallow them as a whole. These tablets can be taken with or without food but it is always better to stick on to a fixed pattern for better results.

Certain tips to prevent seizures

  • Make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet with the intake of adequate nutrients
  • Exercise regularly
  • Limit the time that you spend looking at the digital screens
  • Adequate amount of sleep is mandatory

Notify the doctor if the symptoms persist and make sure you purchase Mysoline 250mg online in case of any emergency to overcome the immediate aftermath of seizures and to prevent it further.

Common side-effects of Mysoline 250mg

Some of the side-effects that may appear once you start using the medicine are listed below:

  • Low energy and extreme fatigue
  • Impaired coordination
  • Dizziness
  • Spinning sensation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty with muscle movements
  • Nausea or vomiting may be observed as you get along with the medicine
  • Drowsiness
  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Involuntary eye movement often termed as Nystagmus

How to deal with the side- effects


During the initial stages of medicine consumption, one might feel extreme drowsiness. This is nothing to worry about, for these side-effects are quite common and will eventually fade away as the body gets used to it. Patients who experience drowsiness or extreme fatigue are advised to take a nap often or indulge in exercise or other mild activities.


One can get rid of the sensation of vomiting by making favourable changes to eating habits. Intake of small frequent meals instead of the large ones would help to a great extent. Avoid eating fatty, fried, and spicy food and ensure that you take oral rehydration salts to balance the vitamin and mineral content in the body.


Drink a lot of water to ensure the smooth functioning of the body. Limit the time that you spend looking at the digital screens. If not, you might end up straining your eyes which will eventually cause headaches. You must also make sure to take rest in dimly lit rooms.

Impaired coordination

Don’t indulge in any work unless you feel better. Make sure you take good rest until you feel much better. If you still feel uneasy, notify your doctor as soon as possible.

The side-effects that occur after the intake of these tablets needn’t require much medical care, but the notion of consulting a doctor is always encouraged if these side-effects persist. It is equally significant to be aware of the side-effects when you purchase Mysoline 250mg online.


Q. Is it safe to drive after you take these tablets?

A. Consumption of Mydoline 250 mg may result in dizziness and drowsiness. This will make you feel tired which in turn affects one’s ability to drive. So, it isn’t safe to drive after you take this medicine.

Q. Is it safe to consume alcohol during the medication period?

A. It is advised that one shouldn’t use alcohol, for this might result in extreme drowsiness.

Q. What important measures should a patient with kidney disease consider while taking Mysoline 250mg?

A. It is important to notify the respective doctor when a patient with any sort of kidney disease take these tablets, for adjustments should be made regarding the dosage.

Q. Where is the medicine Mysoline 250mg available?

A. One can buy Mysoline 250mg online or from any drugstore.

Q. Can a pregnant woman consume Mysoline 250mg tablets?

A. The intake of these tablets may adversely affect the growth of the baby. So, it is highly recommended that pregnant women do not take this medication. But there are rare cases where the doctor prescribes these tablets. This is only pragmatic during life-threatening situations when the rate of benefit is comparatively much higher than the rate of potential risk.

Q. Is it safe to take Mysoline 250mg during breastfeeding?

A. This medicine is not recommended during the time of breastfeeding, for there is a high chance that the drug may cause any sort of harm to the baby and hence affect the growth of the baby.

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