Mycobutol 600 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Ethambutol
  • Brand Name : Myambutol
  • Manufacture Name : Cadila
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Mycobutol is an antitubercular drug which is used in the treatment of tuberculosis and hence reduces the spread of infection. It should be taken with other medicines to prevent the spread of infection. Any symptoms of vision problem should be reported to the doctor.

When is it used?

  • Tuberculosis

Mycobutol600 MG Tablet is used in the treatment of tuberculosis which is a lung disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

 What are the major Side Effects?

  • Chills
  • Pain and swelling of joint
  • Loss of vision or blurred vision
  • Fever
  • Burning or tingling sensation of hands and feet
  • Skin rash
  • Abdominal pain
  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and Vomiting

 What is the usual dosage prescribed by the doctors when they ask you to look for MYCOBUTOL 600MG ONLINE?

Take it as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take in larger amounts than advised. It is advised to take this medicine at the same time every day. Don’t stop taking the drug without consulting with your doctor first. Ensure that the course of treatment is completed to prevent the spread of infection. Consult the doctor if you experience any undesirable effects.

Missed Dose

If you end up missing a dose of this drug, consume the missed dose as soon as you recall. If it’s almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose. Don’t double your regular dose in order to make up for the missed one.


Contact emergency healthcare services in case you suspect an overdose upon consumption after you BUY MYCOBUTOL 600MG ONLINE.

How Does it Work?

Mycobutol 600MG Tablet is an antibiotic. It works by slowing the growth of bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

Interactions with drugs

interaction with Medicine

Cholera Vaccine



Warnings and Precautions  


Patients with known history of allergy to Mycobutolare advised against using this tablet.

Optic neuritis

Not recommended in patients any history of vision disorder or optic neuritis.

Warnings for special population


Pregnant women are advised against usage of this drug unless it is absolutely necessary. Discuss with your doctor about the pros and cons before deciding to consume this medicine.


This medicine is excreted through breastmilk. It is recommended for breastfeeding women only if clearly needed. You can look for more breastfeeding related info on MYCOBUTOL 600MG ONLINE.

General warnings

Impaired kidney function

This medicine is excreted through kidneys. The concentration of this medicine may increase in patients with impaired kidney function. The dose should be adjusted based on the CrCl.

Impaired liver function

This medicine may cause liver injury. The baseline of liver function tests should be obtained before initiating the treatment. Any signs of elevated liver enzymes should be reported to the doctor.

Vision impairment

This medicine may cause vision problems and can be reversible. Any changes in the vision should be reported to the doctor. Inform the concerned doctor if you have a known history of any eye condition.

Pediatric use

This medicine is not recommended for the children less than 13 years; parents must refrain from using this medicine for kids and must not BUY MYCOBUTOL 600MG ONLINE for use in children.


Usage of Mycobutol600 MG Tablet without enough evidence or possibility of a bacterial infection must be avoided. Dosing when not needed might fail in providing the benefits and even lead to toxicity. It may also increase the risk of development of bacteria that is drug resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • My child vomited after taking Mycobutol 800 Tablet. What should be done?

If your child vomited within 30 minutes of taking Mycobutol 800 Tablet, give the same dose again. If vomiting occurred 30 minutes after taking Mycobutol 800 Tablet, you need not repeat the dose. If your child vomits again after taking Mycobutol 800 Tablet, consult your doctor.

  • For how long does Mycobutol 800 Tablet stay in your system?

Mycobutol 800 Tablet stays for about 24 hours in your system. This duration varies from person to person and maybe different for patients with kidney problems. You can get more related info about MYCOBUTOL 600MG ONLINE

  • Will Mycobutol 800 Tablet work if I have developed tuberculosis for the second time?

Yes, it will work if you had taken proper treatment and got cured when you developed tuberculosis for the first time. If you have any doubt, ask your doctor.

  • Is it necessary to take so many TB drugs simultaneously? Is there no single medicine which can provide a cure for tuberculosis?

Yes, it is important that you take all the prescribed TB drugs together for the recommended duration, else you will not be cured. A single drug is not prescribed to treat TB because it may increase the risk of developing multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, which is very difficult to treat.

  • What is drug resistance? Can I become resistant upon consumption after I BUY MYCOBUTOL 600MG ONLINE?

Sometimes it happens that bacteria gets modified in your body and stops reacting to the medicine. As a result, the medicine stops working. This is called drug resistance. Drug resistance is uncommon if Mycobutol 800 Tablet is used in combination with other TB drugs.

  • Can Mycobutol 800 Tablet treatment be taken for more than two months?

Yes, Mycobutol 800 Tablet can be continued for more than 2 months, depending on your condition and as per your doctor’s advice. If after 2 months, your investigations show that the TB bacteria are still active, you may have to take Mycobutol 800 Tablet for 1 more month. You can look for more info on MYCOBUTOL 600MG ONLINE. In case you are resistant to other TB drugs, you may have to take Mycobutol 800 Tablet and other TB drugs (for which you are not drug resistant) for longer than 2 months.

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