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Multivitamin tablets


Multivitamins are health supplements made of combinations of different vitamins. There are 13 essential vitamins essential for the human body, needed for body functions and maintaining proper health. These are often lacking in a normal diet and multivitamin can be a great solution for this predicament. There are numerous reasons such as body building, vitamin deficiencies, poor nutrition, illnesses, pregnancy and other medical conditions which may require you to take multivitamins. In general, a normal healthy person can take multivitamins without any concern to promote greater well being of his/her body.

One can buy multivitamin tablets online or in any retail store as well as pharmacies that stock the product. These may also be available in other forms for pleasurable taste and ease of consumption. 

What are the benefits of multivitamins?

There are a multitude of benefits from taking multivitamins including cell building, absorbing minerals and even preventing diseases. You can buy multivitamin tablets after reviewing some of the benefits listed below:

  1. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus necessary for bone formation. It may also help you curb the risks of depression, multiple sclerosis and heart diseases.
  2. Vitamin A is a retinoid important for healthy vision and maintaining skin lining in the body. It also prevents night blindness and potential throat, mouth infections.
  3. The use of folic acid (B9 vitamin) supplements in the early phase of pregnancy can promote well being in the fetal children, preventing possible brain and spinal birth defects. 
  4. Vitamin C is essential in making collagen, necessary for filling wounds, teeth and bone formation and blood vessels. It also plays a part in fat metabolism and upkeep of skin and immune system. 
  5. The vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid help in the breakdown of amino acids needed for proteins making and cell reproduction for robust health.
  6. A combination of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, and phosphorus protects your bones against fractures. This is of great importance, especially in older people as the risks of fractures can be extremely detrimental for their soft and worn out bones.
  7. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, E are imperative for treating free radicals and keep them in check, when generated in our systems. This prevents the outset of  potential diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and cancer from damaged cells.

What are some of the vitamin deficiency conditions?

There are many health conditions caused by vitamin deficiencies, either directly or play a part in its progression. You can get multivitamin tablets online to supplement and help  treat these deficiencies, along with the symptoms associated. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Vitamin C — Scurvy, Swelling of Gums
  2. Vitamin D — Rickets & Osteomalacia
  3. Vitamin B6 — Anemia
  4. Vitamin B7 — Dermatitis
  5. Vitamin A — Night blindness

What are the common side effects of using multivitamins?

Usually multivitamins are not expected to cause any serious side effects when used as directed. Like any health supplements, they should be taken in moderation for optimum results. If your symptoms cause agony and persist for a long time, talk to a doctor.

Before you buy multivitamin tablets or other products, get them reviewed with a doctor for any unwanted side effects and other health concerns.

Common side effects may include: 

  • diarrhea 
  • nausea 
  • constipation 
  • vomiting 
  • headache
  • stomach pain 
  • upset stomach
  • dark-colored stools or urine
  • headache


How should I take multivitamins?

  • It’s best to use multivitamins as prescribed by your doctor or as directed for safe use on the label. Buy multivitamins tablets from safe sources and avoid fake products with improper ingredients.
  • Never take more than the recommended dose of a multivitamin. Avoid taking more than one multivitamin product at the same time unless your doctor tells you to. Taking similar vitamin products together can result in a vitamin overdose or serious side effects.
  • Some minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium are added to the multivitamin products. These elements can cause tooth staining, unstable heart rate, muscle weakness among other side effects from use. Check the labels and nutrition information for safe and proper use.
  • If you are using sublingual tablets, place the tablet under your tongue for it to dissolve, as long as needed. Do not chew or swallow the tablet. For more information check for multivitamin tablets online.

What are the precautions/warnings of use for multivitamins?

Multivitamins like any health product can have severe and fatal side effects or threaten your medical conditions, if taken in large doses. If you buy multivitamin tablets for use, take them in moderation as recommended on the label of product or your doctor’s prescription.

  • Consult your doctor for any issues that may arise with your medical conditions and allergies, before adopting use of multivitamins.
  • Effects of multivitamin products may be contradictory if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Caution is to be exercised with use.


What are the possible drug interactions with multivitamins?

Drug interactions when multivitamin interact with other drugs and cause unwanted changes or produce harmful health effects. Before you buy multivitamin tablets for use, talk to your doctor for any such potential possibilities.  A couple of examples are provided below.

  • Multivitamin products may have iron, which taken along with antacids, bisphosphonates, levodopa, thyroid medications and some antibiotics cause unwanted interactions and affect the drug's action.
  • If folic acid is present in your multivitamin, it may cause considerable problems when taken with a few anti-seizure medications. Talk to your doctor before use and check for such possible concerns.
  • If different vitamin/nutritional supplements are taken together, they may interact and cause overdose, resulting in serious side effects.



  • Store the product at room temperature away from excess sunlight and moisture, unless advised otherwise on the product label.
  • Store properly to avoid damage to the ingredients contained.


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