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Description of the Medicine

The immune system is a collection of cells, processes and chemicals which helps in defending the body against invading pathogens, including viruses, toxins and bacteria. Keeping the immune system healthy year-round is a key to preventing the body from infection and disease. Consumption of nutritious food, getting enough sleep and regular exercise are the key activities that help in boosting immunity. 

Other than this there are a lot of supplements and tablets with certain vitamins, minerals, herbs and other substances can also help in improving immune response. You can easily buy these supplements and IMMUNITY BOOSTER TABLETS ONLINE from All Day Med.


Supplements for Boosting the Immunity

Here is the list of some supplements that are known for their immunity boosting potential:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Elderberry
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Astragalus
  • Selenium
  • Garlic
  • Andrographis
  • Pelargonium sidoides
  • Licorice
  • Curcumin
  • B complex vitamins
  • Propolis
  • Echinacea

These different supplements are present in different IMMUNITY BOOSTER TABLETS.


Name of some Immune Boosting Supplements

Name of some immune Boosting supplements are as follows:

  • Immunomodulatory
  • Interferon
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Immunance
  • Multibionta immune support
  • Allimax power plus
  • ImmunoShield
  • Higher nature immune+

You can get these supplements and other IMMUNITY BOOSTER TABLETS ONLINE.


Side Effects of these Tablets

Some of the common, uncommon and serious side effects of these tablets that may occur because of the ingredients present in them, are listed below:

  • Constipation
  • Dehydration
  • Heartburn
  • Skin rash
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Liver failure
  • Eye irritation
  • Congestion
  • Muscular twitching
  • Bronchial asthma

Always keep these side effects in your mind if you are buying IMMUNITY BOOSTER TABLETS ONLINE.


Warnings and Precautions for the Medicine

Remember these warnings and precautions before using IMMUNITY BOOSTER TABLETS:

  • Do not take these tablets if you have any known allergy against the ingredients that are present in the medicine otherwise it may cause fatal also.
  • Consult with your doctor about the current list of medicines, herbal supplements, pre-existing disease, current health conditions, e.g., pregnancy, upcoming surgery, etc.
  • Talk to your doctor about your existing medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, kidney or liver problem.
  • Stop to take these tablets at least 2-3 weeks ahead if you are undergoing any surgery or operation.
  • The tablets are not recommended for the treatment of poisoning.
  • Tablets should not be used if a person has a problem of congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis, severe renal impairment and sodium retention and oedema.


What are the General Instructions for the medicine?

Here are some general instructions that you should always remember after buying IMMUNITY BOOSTER TABLETS ONLINE during the use of them:

  • Before taking these tablets, always consult with your doctor.
  • Do not decide the amount of the tablets by yourself. Always follow the doctor’s prescription.
  • If you want to stop taking the tablets due to any reason, first of all ask your doctor about it.
  • Place the tablets at cool, dark and dry places.
  • Put the tablets away from children and pets.
  • The tablets should not be taken with tea or coffee.
  • Store the tablets at the normal room temperature   (10-30oC).
  • Always keep the medicine in the original packet.
  • Never chew, crush or break the medicine. Swallow it as a whole with a glass of water.
  • Do not fluctuate the time of taking the medicine. Always follow a strict time table.
  • In case if you missed your dose then take it as soon as possible but if it is the time of next dose then do not take the two pills, just skip the missed one.
  • In case of overdose go for the immediate clinical treatment or contact with your doctor if you are getting some severe side effects.
  • Always check the expiry date before buying the IMMUNITY BOOSTER TABLETS and never take the tablets if they are expired.
  • Do not share your medicine with anybody else even if the person has the same symptoms because it may cause overdose to him.
  • Neither flush the expired medicine in the toilet nor dump it into the drainage as it may harm and pollute the environment. Consult with your doctor or pharmacist for more details on how to safely discard the medicine.


Frequently Asked Questions

What food is rich in folic acid, iron, zinc and vitamin B12?

Meat, green leafy vegetables like spinach, nuts, beans, peas, orange, resins, etc. are rich in such minerals and vitamins.

Is it safe to drink alcohol during the medication?

It is suggested to reduce the consumption of alcohol while taking these tablets as it may show some side effects and can also reduce the effect of these tablets.

Can the medicine be taken by a pregnant woman?

It is advised to ask your doctor in this regard.

Can a breastfeeding woman take this medicine?

It is recommended to consult with your doctor about the risk or benefits of this medicine for a breastfeeding woman.

Is it safe to drive while taking these tablets?

If you feel dizziness, sleepiness, headache, drowsiness or any vision problem then it is advised not to drive as it may cause an accident.

Is it safe for a minor to take these tablets?

Yes, the tablets can be taken by anybody whether a minor or a major.

Are these tablets habit forming?

Most of them do not contain the habit forming tendencies. But it is advised to see the information that is given on the packet of tablets for getting the information about the addiction.

If any query arises in your mind that is related to IMMUNITY BOOSTER TABLETS then you can ask it on our site. The answers of all your questions will be given by our health experts.


From where to buy the tablets?

The answer is very easy, All Day Med! It is a site that provides you a wide range of medicines at a reasonable price. We are one of the most trustworthy sites in the USA. Our drug stores are present at every corner of the country. You can easily get the medicines at these stores.

The medicine is also available at our site. You can go to buy IMMUNITY BOOSTER TABLETS ONLINE and can get the order at your home without any hurdle.

We follow all the guidelines for your safety when you place the order. Because your health is our first priority.