Anti Amebics

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    Tiniba 500Mg
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    Generic Name : Tinidazole
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    Seczol DS 1 Gm (1000 Mg)
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    Metrogyl 400 Mg
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    Metrogyl 200 Mg
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What are Anti amebic drugs used for?

Anti amebic drugs are used in the treatment of amoebozoa infections called amoebiasis. These drugs may be classified into three groups on therapeutic basis as following:

  • Luminal amebicides for lumen infections
  • Tissue amebicides for hepatic and tissue infections
  • Mixed amebicides for both luminal and tissue forms

You can buy Anti amedics medicine online when prescribed by a physician if required.

How do Anti amebic drugs work?

The exact mechanism of Anti amebic drugs is not clinically established but some theses as to it’s working is provided. When the Anti amebic drugs are introduced inside infected systems, the drug acts by reduction of  the 5-nitro group in target organisms, creating active metabolites that disrupt the DNA in the microbial cells. This inhibits the nucleic acid synthesis and causes cell death in amebic parasites. Contingent on the type of microbe and the body function affected, the right Anti amebic drugs are administered to a patient.

What are some important things you must be aware of about the medicines you take?

  • Make sure you are well informed of the medicines along with the active ingredients involved. Also, verify your requirements against the administration of medicine and its effects.
  • Equip yourself with a schedule for taking the medicine and it’s dosage.
  • Be sure to know about the warnings related to the medicine.
  • Check for any potential medicine reactions and allergies to your health conditions.
  • Get in touch with the physician or doctor if you develop any adverse effects.
  • If you buy Anti amebic drugs online, match your requirements and order from a trusted source.

What are some examples of Anti amebic drugs

The Anti amebic drugs are classified based on the desired effect and area of function in the human body. If your condition necessitates, you can buy Anti amebics online or from a near-buy store. This list provides the wide array of Antiamebic drugs available that might be useful.

  • Metronidazole
  • Tinidazole
  • Secnidazole
  • Benznidazole
  • Ornidazole
  • Nimorazole
  • Tetracycline
  • Paromomycin
  • Erythromycin
  • Clefamide
  • Teclozan
  • Etofamide
  • Emetine
  • Dehydroemetine

What are the potential side effects of using Anti amebic drugs?

All medications can cause some degree of side effects. Though much of these effects are temporary and faint, in a few instances serious and painful side effects may persist.

  • Common side effects: dizziness headache,stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, metallic taste
  • Rare and harmful effects : seizures, confusion, fever, blurred vision, headache, skin rash, sore throat, vaginal infection, unusual bleeding, trouble breathing

If the side effects become adverse and cause dysfunction, then talk to your doctor towards adjustment of treatment with different medicine or lower doses.

Share your medical history of illnesses including allergies voluntarily and maintain caution to prevent any medical problems.

What is the right dosage for this medicine?

 The dosage of medicine provided is unique to the condition and relies on several health factors pertaining to an individual. It is best suited to consult a certified doctor for such queries. If you order Anti amebic drugs online, verify your requirements and related information of your dosage beforehand.

Missed dosage: If you missed a dose, talk to your doctor for assistance. Make sure to stick to a schedule for taking the medicine. Do not take extra medicine to make up for missed dosage of medicine.

Overdose: Overdose of this medication is lethal to your body. Adverse effects can be detrimental and likely fatal. Immediately go to a hospital and check with a doctor.

Cautions about Anti amebic drugs

Before the ingestion of this medicine, check with your doctor if you are prone to any of these mentioned contraindications to avoid potential problems. Take your time to investigate in advance before you buy Anti amebics medicine online

  • Allergic reactions:If you are sensitive to this drug or it’s ingredients, some allergic reactions are likely to occur. Your medical history and response to allergies previously affects the development of the allergic reactions.
  • Drug interactions:If you are using any prescriptive or non prescriptive drugs, unwanted interactions are likely. The drug interaction retards and restricts the medication effects necessary on the body. You may even be subject to major side effects from the lack of caution. Medicines might also interact with some foods or drinks. Check for any otherwise interactions that may happen with from credited sources.
  • Liver diseases: Individuals with liver problems risk worsening of health condition with the use of this drug. Adjustment of alternative medication and regular check ups are vital for effective therapeutic healing of your ailment.
  • Kidney disease: This medicine holds significant risk to your kidney function if used without care. Medical assessment of the kidney is suggested before taking a course of treatment with this medication.
  • Pregnancy:If you are pregnant, consumption of this medicine is detrimental to your body and causes adverse effects.
  • Breastfeeding Children: The medicine can pass through breastfeeding to your child in the process. Hence, caution is paramount along with medical consultation.
  • Alcohol: This medication does not go very well with alcohol. Avoid any mix up of the drugs with alcohol in your body. Some side effects are likely to persist.
  • Other health problems:Before committing to a medicine, ensure that the doctor or the pharmacist understands the overall health problem that you are currently dealing with. Other health problems might also be the reason behind the medicine reacting differently for you.

With these precautions in hand, it is in your best interest to consult a health practitioner like a doctor or pharmacist before you take any drug. This includes the disclosure of your prescription and all the over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, herbs, and supplements usage. Each detail is crucial and must be carefully examined by a doctor.