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  • Generic Name : Vardenafil 20mg
  • Brand Name : Vardenafil 20mg
  • Manufacture Name : Radicon laboratories limited
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Levifil 20mg tablets are used to remedy erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence in men. The tablets are used for treatment in adults with such problems to achieve penile erection by promoting blood flow. This medication’s efficacy is based on vardenafil, a common ingredient that is highly effective against erectile dysfunction.
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What is Levifil 20mg for?

Levifil is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men. This impairment causes loose or a lack of penis erection, on taking part in sexual activity. ED is usually noticed in men in their 40’s and can even affect younger age groups. This is of high discomfort to men in general and can be a source of severe distress in sexual life as well as day to day life. On prognosis, therapy is guided at both physical and psychological factors that contribute to this issue, namely obesity, diabetes, medications and anxiety among others. Its symptoms may also be due to absence of sex drive and vice versa, affecting one another.

How does Levifil 20mg work?

The medium of exertion is deactivation of phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme that is at the root of erectile dysfunction. When Levifil is ingested, it impacts by inhibiting the PDE 5 enzyme that plays part in ED. Through this, the cGMP gets released into the bloodstream and allows for relaxation and expansion of muscles in the blood vessels in the penile region. This promotes increased blood flow to the penis, making way for a normal and prolonged erection, appropriate for normal pleasurable sexual experience. The effects of the medication are visible only on sexual stimulation in a person.
If you are seeking similar medicative action for your sexual health, buy Levifil 20mg online with a doctor’s consultation.

What are the side effects of using this medicine?

The scope of side effects varies on a case by case basis for every individual. Usually the effects of Levifil are well tolerated in the body and may not be a cause of medical attention. Still in some rare cases, some extreme side effects can arise in patients on therapy with this medicine. Talk to your doctor of what could be expected for your condition and seek care if you experience anything out of the ordinary.

Check with the doctor for assistance if you get Levifil 20mg online or in retail for the right product and dosage to be used.

Common side effects may include:

Hot flushes
stuffy nose
Fluffy vision
upset stomach
back pain.

Stop using and contact your doctor at once, if you have:

Irregular heartbeat
Prolonged erection
Hearing loss
Tingling sensation

How should I take Levifil 20mg?

It is best to consult your doctor for use of Levifilfor optimum results in treatment.
Follow all directions on the prescription label on the medicine and read all medication guides or instruction sheets. Use the medicine as directed by your doctor.
In general, take only one pill a day and avoid excess usage as it may outweigh the benefits.

Levifil can be taken with or without food, barring alcohol and grape juice.

In case you are on therapy and taking the medicine daily, follow a regular schedule and a fixed time to avoid slip ups and moderate your usage.

If your erection lasts longer than 4 hours and causes pain, get to a doctor or emergency facility. A prolonged erection (priapism) can damage the penis tissue.

Avoid any heavy activity that may elevate your heart rate or influence your blood pressure levels.

If you have any concerns, avoid misguided usage on intuition and rather check for Levifil 20mg online or talk to your doctor.

Warnings before use:

A proper health review is suggested before considering therapy with levifil to prevent any off chance health complications. Before you buy levifil 20mg online or otherwise, thoroughly considering the following risks commonly reported:

May cause if you’re allergic/hypersensitive to vardenafil or any PDE5 inhibitors along with the rest of the ingredients used in the making.

May cause temporarily fall in blood pressure levels

May cause sudden vision loss in patients with a history of vision deformities and genetic eye diseases

May cause priapism, a condition of abnormal penile erection lasting hours.

May cause increased impairment of cardiovascular disease such as arrhythmia, valve constriction etc.

May cause permanent impotence in patients with penis deformations

May cause damage in individuals with blood disorders

May cause worsening of hepatic and renal impairment.

May cause seizures in susceptible cases


What are the drug interactions possible with Levifil 20mg?

There are many drugs that put at the risk of drug interactions and cause potential health injury. In order to avoid such a situation, check Levifil 20mg online or with your doctor’s help for assistance.

The following drug may interact:

Imatinib Mesylate
Protease inhibitors

The following diseases can interact with Levifil and cause adverse effects.:

Renal dysfunction
Seizure disorders
Hearing loss
Cardiovascular disease
Liver impairment
Retina disease
Gastrointestinal toxicity


What are the common substitutes for this medicine?

It is recommended not to change medications along the course of treatment without your doctor’s approval. Reserve the options to buy Levifil 20mg online or any other substitutes for your doctor’s consent.

Sildenafil 20mg tablet
Tadalis 20mg tablet
Vardenafil 20mg tablet
Aurogra 20mg tablet
Megalis 10mg tablet


Store the medication at room temperature away from excess sunlight and moisture
Refrain from storing the medicine in bathrooms and under the sinks or any place that encourages damp conditions.

General FAQ

Q. When should I consume the medicine?

A. It is ideal, when consumed before 1 hr of sexual intercourse.

Q.Is it safe to take it with alcohol?

A.It is ill-advised, to use alcohol under the influence of this medicine.

Q. How long does the medication last in the body?

A. The medication may last up to 36 hrs in the body

Q. Who can take this medicine?

A. This medicine is approved for use only in adult men over 18 years. Women are prohibited from use.

Q.Is it okay to take the medicine with food?

A.You may take the medicine with or without food, at your convenience. But avoid grapefruit and grape juice to avoid side effects.

Q. How frequently can I use Levifil 20mg tablets?

A.The use of medicine depends on your condition and regularity of use. It is suggested to be used once every 3 days.

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