Januvia 50 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Sitagliptin
  • Brand Name : Januvia
  • Manufacture Name : Merck
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Januvia 50 mg is an oral medicine for diabetic patients, particularly those who have Type 2 diabetes. It is also known as sitagliptin. This medicine is considered unfit for people that have type 1 diabetes. It is generally used with a combination of other medicines and a lifestyle improvement, in terms of diet and exercise, to see results.



One should consult their PCP or carefully go through the instructions on the package clearly before ingesting this medicine.

It is suggested to take one tablet every day and swallow it by mouth with water. One should be careful to not melt, break or chew it. Dosage measurement depends on the intensity of the ailment, reaction, and kidney capacity of the patient. Have this medicine routinely for maximum results. Follow the prescription treatment plan routinely, along with meal plan, and exercise chart as per the experts of PCP advice. 

Regularly keep a track on your glucose level. Share all the results accurately after monitoring them carefully.

 Inform your PCP immediately if your glucose estimations are excessively low or excessively higher than normal. It might require modification of the dosage. 

The instructions of how to use should still be first cross checked with the doctor, pharmacist or if one is choosing to buy JANUVIA 50MG ONLINE then go through customer experience.



Most commonly, the side effects due to this medicine do not require any special medical attention. But in case one is feeling too much discomfort and or if the discomfort is prolonged, immediately consult your doctor and pause your medication. Some common side effects that have been observed are:

  • Throat and nasal passages infection
  • Weakness
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Constipation
  • Little or no urination
  • Headache
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Itching
  • Sore throat

Before one proceeds to BUY JANUVIA 50MG ONLINE, one should research about other possible side effects carefully.



  • All the allergies need to be informed to the doctor beforehand itself. One may or may not be allergic to this medicine but there is a probability that it may contain ingredients that can cause reactions mixed with other ingredients. Update your doctor about other medicinal courses alongside.


  • Inform your PCP about your clinical history. Any sickness, gallbladder stones, heart problems, surgeries etc needs to be known by the doctor so they can guide you best.


  • Don’t work on heavy machines such as cars or gym equipment as one may experience blurry vision, laziness, weakness leading to injuries. This is because of low glucose levels in the body. Don’t do anything that requires much strength.


  • It is advised to avoid alcohol to prevent a spike in the glucose level of the body. 


  • Talk to your PCP about your stress and concerns as it can be challenging to control the blood sugar level if one is stressed due to any reason such as fever, work problems, etc. Try to live in a positive, stress-free environment.


  • Before having medical procedures, educate your primary care physician all the items you use such as prescribed medications, non-prescription medications, supplements, vitamins etc


  • It is generally not considered safe for a pregnant woman to ingest any additional medicine. It is advised to share your pregnancy details with your PCP along with all the medicine that you are taking. Revise a medicine plan with your PCP.


  • discuss the consequences of eating this medicine while breastfeeding with your doctor as it is unclear whether or not the medicine effects are transferred to milk or not.


  • if you are getting JANUVIA 50MG ONLINE, carefully read all additional information before placing your order.



Interaction with other meds often have an effect on the way meds work or increment your hazard for side effects. Track your counting medicine/non-prescription medications and natural items and offer it with your primary care physician and drug specialist. Don’t begin, stop, or change any dosage of any medicine without consulting your primary care physician. 


    • Metoprolol, propranolol, glaucoma eye drops, and timolol are a few examples of some beta-blocker medicines that may change the normal speed of heartbeat you would generally feel when your glucose falls excessively low. 
    • It is hard to control and balance the level of glucose if it fluctuates a lot and a lot of factors can influence your glucose.  Hence, keep a regular check on your glucose level and update your doctor, as coordinated and offer the outcomes with your primary care physician. Inform your doctor immediately if you feel that you have indications of a change in the level of glucose. Accordingly, your doctor will make changes in your medicine, dosage or ask you to make changes in the eating habits.


  • The warning and consequences of drug interactions are usually mentioned when a person searches for JANUVIA 50MG ONLINE. One should through the labels, side effects, drug interaction, direction of use and reviews if someone chooses to BUY JANUVIA 50 mg ONLINE.




What if I miss a dose?

Take it when you recollect if you missed a dose. Just skip the missed dose if the hour of the next dose is near. Take it at the normal time. If it is not prescribed by the doctor, do not take both doses simultaneously.


Where do I store this medicine?

You should store this medicine at a room temp. Keep it away from sunlight and humidity. Keep it out of reach from pets and children. It is suggested not to store it in the washroom. 

What happens when the medicine expires?

Discard the medicine in the event of its expiry. Don’t flush the prescriptions or down the drain. Dispose of this item once it expires. Scan through for expiry details if you BUY JANUVIA 50MG ONLINE.


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