Januvia 25 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Sitagliptin
  • Brand Name : Januvia
  • Manufacture Name : Merck
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Januvia 25 mg has a generic composition of Sitagliptin 25 mg. It is a member of DPP-4 inhibitors (dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors) class of medicines. It has vast and multiple advantages that may help you to fight diabetes and its related problems. You can buy Januvia 25 mg online or from any nearby medical store.

About Medicine:

You should have a brief knowledge about it before you buy Januvia 25 mg.

  • It is produced by a company named Merk and there are 7 pills in a strip.
  • It is manufactured in the form of pills (blister)
  • It is sold under the brand name of Januvia.
  • It is likely to be stored at room temperature, away from excessive light or heat exposure.

What is the general dosage to be followed?

Before you buy Januvia 25 mg, you should know the dosage to be followed. It is a medicine which only adults can use, hence it generally has a fixed dosage. But, if other physical problems are to be considered, then the dosage may vary.

  • Normal Dosage: The maximum dosage for Januvia 25 mg is about 100 mg a day. That is about four 25 mg film-coated tablets. But, if you are suffering from kidney problems or any other such issues, the dosage may range from 25 mg to 50 mg a day.
  • Overdose: If you by mistake take a double dose or more then situations may turn fatal. You should immediately visit the nearby hospital and consult a doctor.
  • Missed Dose: If you forget to take your medicine on time and skip a dose. Then it is better that you omit the missed dose. As if your next dose timing is near then it might cause a double dose effect on you.
  • Quitting: You should not discontinue your course by yourself. This may grade up your blood sugar levels. But, if your doctor asks you to stop it after a certain time, then do as directed.

What are the side-effects that you might encounter?

As soon as you buy Januvia 25 mg tablets, you should be all prepared to face some of the very common side-effects that this medicine has. But, in certain cases, side-effects may turn severe and worsen the situation. In that case, it is advisable to seek medical assistance. Some of the side effects are:

  • Common Side-effects: Some of the common side effects that you have to deal with are sudden fall of blood sugar levels, Osteoarthritis, Runny nose or blocked nasal pathway, headache, and muscle cramps.
  • Rare Side-effects: Some side-effects are rare and not generally experienced by the maximum people. But, you may be a victim to it. Those are drowsiness, dehydration, constipation, and allergic symptoms like itchy rashes and redness.
  • Deadly Side-effects: These side effects are fatal and may cause serious risk if not consulted to the doctor timely. These include severe abdominal and back pain. This may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, which in total are signs of the inflamed pancreas. It can also cause allergic reactions in your body causing difficulty in breathing or swallowing.

What precautionary measures should you practice?

Coping up with the side-effects and leading a healthy life isn't an easy task. Hence, as soon as you start your medication course after you buy Januvia 25 mg, practice these daily.

  • Check the date: Whenever you buy Januvia 25 mg online or from a local store, check the expiry date of the strip, and expired medicines are considered to be toxic.
  • Follow a routine: You should follow a daily routine of timely consuming your food and medicines. This will help you balance your health as well as stay fit.
  • Take rest: You should take rest and put a pause on your daily chores for a moment. Excessive tightness of schedule may also affect your body glucose level and cause its fluctuations.
  • Stay away from heat: Extreme heat may give rise to headache problems, be it heat from a gas stove or sunlight. Keep yourself away from the heated and humid conditions as much as possible.
  • Work-out daily: Working out at any time of the day, especially in the morning can make you bring down your blood glucose level. This will also help you stay fit and lead a healthy life.

Does Januvia 25 mg interact with any other medicine?

Before you buy Januvia 25 mg, beware of the fact that it interacts with various other medicines and may have outcomes that can worsen the situation. It reacts with the following medicines vigorously and causes fluctuations in blood glucose level:

  • Aimur 5 mg Tablet
  • Beclate 100 hfa Inhaler
  • Beclate 200 hfa
  • Beclate aquanase
  • Beclate 50 hfa Inhaler
  • Bevent 100 mcg Easecaps
  • Bevent 200 mcg Easecaps
  • Beclate 200 CFC Free Inhaler
  • Beclate 100 Rotacap

How to buy Januvia 25 mg online?

Buying medicine online is simplified by All Day Med, the leading online pharmacy of the USA. Here, you can buy Januvia 25 mg online along with various other medicines of your choice. We have pledged to offer our customers the best and most reliable medicines at their doorstep. We are glad to serve you the best at your home comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Will I gain weight if I have Januvia 25 mg tablets?

Ans: No, this medicine does not cause any kind of weight gaining problems. You just have to maintain your balanced diet to bring down your weight as well as your blood sugar levels.


2) What to do if my blood sugar level drops suddenly?

Ans: In any such case, all you need to do is have something sweet and sugar-containing immediately. This will help you gain back your balanced blood sugar level. 


3) Can I drive or do any delicate task after having the medicine?

Ans: It is preferable that after you buy Januvia 25 mg, you first monitor your body changes after having the medicine. As it may make you feel drowsy which is unsafe for driving or doing any delicate task.


4) Does drinking alcohol have an effect on the medication course?

Ans: Yes, drinking alcohol may give rise to liver problems which may turn fatal in the long run. Alcohol may also react with the medicine and cause severe clinical issues.


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