Flavedon 20 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Trimetazidine
  • Brand Name : Vastarel
  • Manufacture Name : Servier
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Angina is a clinical feature of reversible circulatory insufficiency of the muscles of the heart which mostly presents as a suffocating 'crushing' chest pain that may extend to the left arm, neck, or jaw.

BUY FLAVEDON 20 mg, a Schedule H drug, used as a miscellaneous medicine for preventing attacks of angina, meant for oral consumption.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION : Trimetazidine 20 mg

HOW IT WORKS: It is a 'cytoprotective' agent that shields the vulnerable heart muscles by preventing damage to them as it decreases their demand for oxygen through a blockade of the degradation of membrane unsaturated fatty acids. 

This drug boasts of being able to prevent the toxicity caused by superoxide radicals to the myocardial (heart muscle) cells.

It efficiently maintains the function of the left ventricle of the heart in patients affected with angina.

It is a wonder drug for diabetics suffering from angina since it also improves the blood sugar and HbA1c levels.

INDICATIONS FOR FLAVEDON 20: BUY FLAVEDON 20 mg for use in stable angina (wherein it prevents new attacks of chest pain or discomfort though it cannot be used for terminating an already initiated anginal pain), post-infarction patients, Meniere's disease (labyrinthine angina of the ear).

DIRECTIONS FOR USE OF FLAVEDON 20: Use it in consultation with/on the advice of a physician when you BUY FLAVEDON 20 mg ONLINE.

- Best to be taken with a glass of water and with food (maybe taken without food as suggested by some indications. Let your physician tell you more.)

- Do not discontinue the drug when the symptoms of angina are absent. (Doing so may aggravate the risk of further attacks as this drug is aimed at impairing the mechanism responsible for the initiation of circulatory insufficiency of the heart that ultimately causes angina.)


BUY FLAVEDON 20 mg ONLINE, or opt for variants such as Cytogard 20 mg, Prodium 20 mg, Cardimax 20 mg, Carvidon 20 mg.


Though these documented side effects are occasional, but one must keep in mind that one may have-

  • headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • abdominal pain
  • diarrhoea
  • indigestion
  • blurring of vision
  • dizziness
  • asthenia (weakness of muscles)
  • hypersenstivity (itching, facial redness).

Hypersensitivity with Flavedon 20 is severe and must be reported to the physician immediately.

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TIPS: A healthy lifestyle is the key to keep diseases at bay. Apart from using FLAVEDON 20, make sure that you eat well (nutritious diet with high fiber content while cutting down on excess salt and oil), exercise regularly, and keep away from stress, alcohol, and tobacco.

DRUG INTERACTIONS: Interaction with metoclopramide is documented to be severe. Hence it is advisable for patients on metoclopramide to keep a check over any untoward reactions when they BUY FLAVEDON 20 mg.

STAY CAUTIOUS: When using Flavedon 20, beware if-

  • pregnant/lactating (as clinical evidence is not sufficient regarding the effect of this drug on pregnancy and breastfeeding, you must consult your physician before using it.)
  • suffering from liver disorders (that leads to increased risk of side effects and impaired metabolism of the drug in the body.)
  • having kidney ailments (that causes an increased risk of side effects and impaired metabolism of the drug in the body.)
  • aged above 75 years (as the risk of side effects is notably increased in the elderly.)


  1. Is Flavedon 20 to be used alone?
  2.  It is used in combination with other antianginal drugs or in those who do not tolerate first-line antianginal drugs because of its cytoprotective effect (protecting the cells of the myocardium/heart.)
  3. Who should not consume this drug?
  4.  Patients with known allergy, Parkinson's disease, and kidney/liver disease must avoid it.
  5. How to use in elderly patients?
  6. It is advisable to avoid the drug in elderly patients (aged 75 years or above). However, the dose must be reduced and adjusted in consultation with the physician if used in the geriatric population to minimize the increased risk of side effects in this age group.
  7. Is it a habit-forming drug?
  8. No, it is not a habit-forming formulation, so you are safe from being addicted to it or being dependent on it.
  9. Can I drive my vehicle when on this drug?
  10. Clevedon 20 is known to cause side effects such as blurring of vision and dizziness. Hence, it is recommended to avoid tasks such as driving or operating machinery when using it.
  11. What about drug interactions with alcohol?
  12.   Enough documentation in this regard is not available as yet. It is hence suggested to either avoid alcohol while on this medication or to consult a physician for further details.
  13. Is there any special note regarding dosing that I must keep in mind when I BUY FLAVEDON 20?
  14.  It is normal to be consumed according to prescription. It is to be taken regularly (usually two doses per day, preferably with meals) and not to be discontinued unless advised by the physician.

In case of an overdose, contact the physician immediately, without awaiting the development of side effects.


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