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  • Generic Name : Finasteride
  • Brand Name : Propecia
  • Manufacture Name : Cipla Ltd.
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Fincar 5mg is used to treat Benign Prostate Hyperplasia in men. This is a medical condition that results in the enlargement of the prostate gland. This gland is located between the bladder and the penis in men. It secretes a fluid that nourishes the sperms. The swelling of the gland can adversely affect its functioning. Apart from Fincar 5mg is also used to treat male pattern hair loss, which is otherwise termed as Androgenetic Alopecia.

What are the benefits of buying Fincar 5mg online?

This medical condition is caused due to the swelling of the prostate gland. Testosterone is converted to another hormone by the action of an enzyme in men’s bodies. Intake of Fincar 5mg helps to hinder the action of certain enzymes responsible for the swelling of the Prostate gland and thus prevents enlargement by causing it to shrink. They also help to relieve the Benign Prostate Hyperplasia symptoms and make it easier for the urine to pass out without causing much pain.

General instructions to keep in mind while using the medicine.
Way before taking this medicine, one must ensure that he/she isn’t undergoing any other medications, for some patients cannot use these tablets due to certain health conditions. So, it is important to consult a doctor to acknowledge the details regarding the same. If required the doctor can help the patient to resort to any other alternative medicine to cure the disease.

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One can take these tablets with or without food. Sticking on to a fixed pattern is extremely important. Patients are advised to take the medicine at a specific time every day with the correct dosage as prescribed by the doctor. Failing to do so can cause harm to one’s health condition. The patient must also make sure to swallow the medicine as a whole instead of chewing it.


The medicine takes considerable time to show the impact. The patient is advised to take the medicine regularly until the course of medication is over. This can give better results. Lack of immediate results shouldn’t be a reason to stop the medication. But there are other reasons due to which a patient may discontinue the medication, particularly the side-effects that may appear after the intake of the medicine. Certain side effects like itching and rashes may tempt the person from discontinuing the medication. But they can purchase Fincar 5mg online for the treatment and resolve the side-effects with the assistance of a doctor.

The following are the three common side-effects that usually occur after the medication.

Ejaculation disorder
Erectile dysfunction
Sexual dysfunction
Severe chills
Runny nose
Swelling of lips
Abdominal pain
Breast tenderness
Severe skin rashes
Low interest in engaging in sexual intercourse
Swelling of face
The tendency to gain more weight.

While purchasing Fincar 5mg online, one should be well-acknowledged about the side-effects in prior.

How to deal with the side-effects?

Make mild changes to your lifestyle to mold yourself into a healthy person. Eating a well-balanced diet with the intake of food that contains all nutrients can boost up your energy. Exercising daily would be helpful to reduce overweight. This is also beneficial to deal with stress and anxiety. One will be tempted to use cigarettes, recreational drugs like marijuana, and to consume alcohol. But the patients are strictly advised to avoid the same, for they can worsen the health condition. Avoiding them will ensure the smooth functioning of sexual activities. Apart from all this, the patient can consult the doctor, for they can help by advising the patient to resort to alternative medicines or can also suggest other treatments to solve the problem.

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Common substitutes for Fincar 5mg

Certain patients are subjected to unfavorable side-effects after the consumption of these tablets. In such cases, one can resort to other treatments. These tablets are usually available at the nearby medical shops. But in case if the medicine is out of stock one can buy Fincar 5 mg online or can also buy alternative medicines that have the potential to cure the disease. Before buying the substitutes, the patient should consider the suggestions of a doctor regarding the same to acknowledge the potential risks and benefits.

The following substitutes have a similar composition and potential to cure the disease:

Finast 5mg Tablet
Fincept 5mg Tablet
Finara 5mg Tablet


Q. How long will Fincar 5mg take to initiate effect?

A. The time taken to show effect depends according to the disease one is suffering from. If an individual is suffering from Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, then the effect can only be observed after 6 months. While for patients who take medicine to cure hair loss, the effect can be seen after 3 months. One shouldn’t stop taking the tablets due to the lack of immediate results. Effective results are only seen after the completion of the course of medication. Therefore, one can consider buying Fincar 5mg online even they run out of the medicine.

Q. How long will this medication be active in the body?

A. The duration for which the effect of the medicine remains active in the body is not yet clinically established.

Q. Is it safe to consume alcohol during the medication?

A. Direct interaction with alcohol isn’t yet determined. It is better to consider the advice of the doctor before alcohol consumption.

Q. Where can you buy Fincar 5mg?

A. You can buy Fincar 5mg online or at any chemist shop.

Q. Is it safe to drive after the intake of these tablets?

A. It is safe to drive. Nothing unusual regarding the driving has been reported yet.

Q. Is it safe for patients with kidney disease to take this medicine?

A. Patients with kidney disease can use this medicine without any caution. Adjustment of the dose isn’t necessary.

Q. Is it safe for patients with the Liver disease to take this medicine?

A. Patients with any sort of liver disease should take the necessary precautions. Consulting a doctor is required to determine the same.

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