Fenoxene 10 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Phenoxybenzamine
  • Brand Name : Dibenzyline
  • Manufacture Name : Samarth Pharma
  • Presentation : Capsules
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Fenoxene capsule is a medicine used for the treatment of high blood pressure. These symptoms are generally associated with the tumor of the adrenal glands commonly known as Pheochromocytoma. Therefore, the medicine works by lowering the normal blood pressure. Consequently, this can prevent the symptoms of future heart stroke or attack.

Ways to use the medicine

The medicine should be consumed as per the duration and dose prescribed by the doctor. Avoid, crushing, chewing, or breaking the medicine into small pieces. The capsule can be consumed with or without meals. It is highly recommended that the medicine should be taken as per a fixed schedule. You can buy Fenoxene online.

Working procedure of the Fenoxene Capsule

Fenoxene Capsule is an alpha-blocker. It helps in reducing the blood pressure within the tumor of the adrenal gland commonly known as pheochromocytoma. It works by opposing and retarding the action of certain hormones that are released from the tumor cells. The tumor cells can increase blood pressure by narrowing the blood vessels.

Instructions related to the medicine 

The medicine should be consumed regularly even if the symptoms of blood pressure seem under control. In major cases, people with high blood pressure don’t witness sickness; nevertheless, if you stop consuming this medicine all of a sudden, your condition can be aggravated. It is highly recommended that a few changes in the lifestyle should be made to lower the blood pressure. Certain changes such as regular exercise and a certain percentage of weight loss should be included. Read these instructions carefully before you buy Fenoxene online. Additionally, one should adhere to measures such as smoking cessation, reducing the amount of salt in the diet, and reducing the intake of alcohol to attain optimal results.

Side-effects of the medicine

Most of the side-effects in the case of this medicine do not require specific medical attention. The side-effects of the medicine are likely to disappear immediately after the body gets adjusted to the medicine. However, please consult your doctor if the problem persists or if it bothers you. The side-effects of the medicine can be observed as serious nasal congestion or a stuffy nose. Additionally, the medicine can generate moderate side-effects such as orthostatic hypotension due to which sudden lowering of blood pressure while standing. The limitations of the medicine can be observed as nauseate feeling along with ejaculation disorders. The medicine can aggravate vomiting symptoms and can increase the rate of heartbeat significantly. In some cases, symptoms such as dizziness and blurred vision can occur.  Roll your eyes through these instructions before you buy Fenoxene online.

Warnings for special population 

Before consuming this medicine, please inform your doctor regarding any kind of history related to kidney and heart disease. Pregnant as well as breastfeeding mothers should consult the doctor on a high priority before consuming this medicine. Your doctor is responsible for monitoring your blood pressure and your kidney functioning at regular intervals. This is done to rule out the side-effects encountered during the medicine. Roll your eyes through these warnings before you buy Fenoxene 10mg online.

Ways to meet the requirements of the missed dose

If you skip a dose of Fenoxene capsule, consume it as soon as you recall. However, if it is time to consume the next dose as per the fixed schedule, skip the previous dose. It is highly recommended for you to follow the regular pattern.  Therefore, you should adhere to your regular dose. Avoid consuming the same dose twice. Remember to abide by these instructions before you buy Fenoxene online.

Interaction with other drugs

Consuming Fenoxene alongside other drugs can modify their effect and can give rise to some undesirable effects. The medicine can produce life-threatening effects by interacting with Atazanavirm, Fluconazole, Indinavir, and Itraconazole.

FAQs related to the medicine

Q1) Can this medicine be consumed with alcohol? 

The medicine is considered to be unsafe for consumption along with alcohol. The medicine can interact with alcohol and give rise to excessive drowsiness. 

Q2) Is this medicine safe for consumption during pregnancy?

This capsule can be unsafe for use during pregnancy. However, their human studies in this regard remain confined to date. Animal studies have shown toxic effects on the developing infant. Your doctor is responsible for weighing the pros and cons of medicine. Your doctor should examine all the potential risks of the medicine before prescribing it to you. Therefore, please consult your doctor before you buy Fenoxene 10mg online.

Q3) Can this medicine be used safely by breastfeeding mothers?

Fenoxene Capsule can be considered as unsafe for use while breastfeeding. A limited no. data suggest that the drug can contaminate breast milk. Consequently, this can harm the baby. These FAQs can assist you significantly while you buy Fenoxene 10mg online.

Q4) Can this medicine be used while driving vehicles?

This capsule is often considered while driving. The capsule can decrease your awareness and alertness while driving. Additionally, medicine can increase risks related to driving as it can blur your vision. It can leave you feeling dizzy and sleepy. Please avoid driving while these symptoms are observed. 

Q5) Can this medicine be used by kidney patients?

The medicine should be used with extreme caution in patients suffering from kidney disease. Remedies such as dose adjustment can be required. Consult your doctor in case of severe defects. The medicine is not recommended for use by patients who are seen to suffer from serious kidney disease. These FAQs can assist you significantly while you buy Fenoxene 10mg online

Q6) Is this medicine suitable for consumption in case of liver defects?

There are limited clinical trials available in this regard. Therefore, please consult your doctor in case of liver defects.

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