Famocid 40 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Famotidine
  • Brand Name : Pepcid
  • Manufacture Name : Sun Pharma
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Famocid is an effective drug that is used extensively for the reduction of extreme production ofacid in stomach. Extreme production of acid causes ulcers in stomach and the lining of intestine. To avoid the production of ulcers in the gastrointestinal regions, Famocid 40mg tablets are extremely beneficial. Sun Pharma is the distributor for Famocidtablets across the world.

When to Use Famocid 40Mg Tablet?

Excessive production of acid can result in production of ulcers and this can be treated easily byFamocid.There are several other conditionsthat can be treated with the help of Famocid. This medicine is used commonly to treat the following conditions as well:

  • Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome
  • Gastro-esophageal Reflux Diseases (GERD)
  • Heartburn
  • Dyspepsia
  • Erosive Esophagitis
  • Gastric Ulcers
  • Duodenal Ulcers
  • Hypersecretory Condition

Side-Effects of Famocid 40Mg Tablet

Famocid 40mg is used to treat ulcers andis subject to some side-effects. The side-effects of these medicinesare moderate andthere are not many severe side-effects of this medicine. Listed below are some side-effects that are observed by people taking Famocid:

  • Itching or Skin Rashes (Rare)
  • Black Stools (very rare)
  • Muscle Pain (rare)
  • Joint Pain (rare)
  • Dizziness (very rare)
  • Weakness (rare)

There aren’t many side-effects of Famocid 40mg tablets. If you consume the medicine and observe any other side-effects in your body post the consumption of this medicine, it is advised to consult the doctor.

Dosage of Famocid 40Mg Tablet

The dosage of any medicine is decided on the seriousness of the respective condition. People should not increase or decrease the dose of the medicine without consulting the doctor as it can probably worsen the condition.

Missed Dose: If the person is prescribed with the entire course of Famocid 40mg tablet then one should take medicines as per the prescribed dosage only. If there is any missed dosage, then the person should take the medicine as soon as they remember about it. Do not take two medicines at once in order to compensate for the dosage that has been missed.

Overdose: if you have taken more than the prescribed amount of medicines, you should seek immediate help from your doctor.

How Does Famocid 40Mg Pills Work?

The medicine is known to treat the excessive production of acid in the stomach and it directly works to reduce the secretion of acid in stomach. The cells that are present in the lining of the stomach are responsible for causing the production of acid which is utilized in the digestive processes. If there is excessive production of acid in the stomach then there can be ulcers in stomach and intestine. To avoid this, the consumption of this medicine is recommended as it acts on the cell lining of the stomach. It prevents the production of acid at an exceedingly high rate.

Warnings prior to Consumption

One should always be cautious of the medicines that they consume. There can be serious impact of the medicines in the body if not taken properly and with due precautions. Listed below are some of the warnings/ precautions that one must consider before taking Famocid 40mg tablets:

  • This medicine is not recommended to be consumed by pregnant women as it can cause problems with their pregnancy.
  • The consumption of Famocid 40mg tablets is restricted for those women who are breastfeeding as it can result into health complexities
  • For those people who suffer from gastrointestinal bleeding, this medicine should not be consumed by them as it tends to cause problems for them
  • Hallucinations, seizures, lethargy, agitation, etc. are some of the side-effects of this medicine and the regular use of this medicine can cause a negative impact on the Central nervous system

Substitutes of Famocid 40Mg Tablets

  • Fadine 40mg tablet
  • Famonext 40mg tablet
  • Topcid 40mg tablet
  • Famotin 40mg tablet
  • Facid 40mg tablet


Every drug has a different kind of interaction with food and varies in the body of one person to another. However, there are some things that the medicine can react to adversely react to. Read below:

  • Interaction with Alcohol: It is advised to not take the medicine if you are under the influence of alcohol. There can be negative impact of the medicine if taken post the consumption of alcohol.
  • Interaction with other medicines: Some medicines show adverse effects when taken with Famocid 40mg tablets. These are:
  • Ketoconazole – Moderate effect
  • Levofloxacin – Moderate effect
  • Atazanavir – Severe effect
  • Pazopanib – Moderate effect
  • Antidiabetic medicines – moderate
  • Patients who have been suffering from any prolonged kidney diseases should also stay away from consuming Famocid 40mg tablet as it is going to worsen the condition.


  1. What is the duration that Famocid 40mg takes to act?
  2. Famocid starts to act within an hour of consumption

  3. The impact of Famocid 40mg stays up to twelve hours of administration

  4. Is this medicine habit-forming?
  5. No, there aren’t any reports of any habituality developed from this medicine.
  6. Is this medicine recommended for Pregnant Women?
  7. This medicine should not be consumed by women who are pregnant or have recently conceived as this can lead to problems with the pregnancy. If necessary, consult with your doctor for any alternative.
  8. Is this safe for breastfeeding women?
  9. The medicine should be taken by breastfeeding women only when it is quite necessary. Even before consuming the medicine, it should be consulted with the doctor. Take Famocid 40mg tablets only when your doctor okays it for your health.

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