Eptoin 50 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Phenytoin
  • Brand Name : Dilantin
  • Manufacture Name : Abott Pharma
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Eptoin 50mg tablets are used to treat the disorders occurring on account of epilepsy, arrhythmia, panic attack, and disorder along with seizures. Eptoin 50mg tablet is an anticonvulsant that can be used to cure tonic-clonic commonly known as grand mal. The tablet is used to control or prevent different types of seizures.  The seizures are a result of disorders occurring due to severe brain injuries or surgeries. Additionally, Eptoin 50mg can be used to cure a brain disorder such as jerking movements which are uncontrollable. The tablet can be used as a means of treatment for the issues related to loss of consciousness. 

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Ingredients of Eptoin 50mg

Eptoin 50mg tablets are composed of Phenytoin. Phenytoin is a substance that can be used to control different types of seizures. Therefore, eptoin tablet functions by decreasing the rate of electrical activity in the brain. 

Side-effects of Eptoin 50mg

As per a research, there are numerous side-effects of the medicine:

The side- effects can occur due to Nystagmus also known as involuntary movement of eyes as well as double vision. The side-effects can occur due to drowsiness or anemia. The limitations of this medicine can cause peripheral neuropathy or paresthesia. It can cause mild insomnia or vertigo problems. It can cause mild dizziness and nausea or even vomiting. Its side- effects can cause tremor or moderate constipation. The side-effects can cause mild headache and is likely to drain energy levels. Additionally, it can cause nervousness or unusual display of facial expressions and unsteadiness. 

Before you buyEptoin50mgonline, consider reading about its side-effects minutely. 

Warnings related with consumption of Eptoin 50mg

  • Can Eptoin be used by pregnant women?

Pregnant women are likely to suffer from severe side-effects after consuming Eptoin. So it’s highly recommended for pregnant ladies to consult the doctor before taking Eptoin. 

  • Can Eptoin be used safely during the process of breastfeeding?

In case you are breastfeeding, you may come across negative and harmful effect of Eptoin. Therefore, it is recommended that while experiencing harmful side-effects a doctor must be consulted immediately. The routine consumption of the medicine must be brought to a halt if the problem persists. However, the effects are mild to moderate. Therefore, the warning signs have to be considered before you buy Eptoin 50mg online. 

How can Eptoin affect the kidneys?

A few cases of side effects of the medicine on kidneys have been reported so far. Therefore, it can be said that the side-effects of Eptoin can range between mild and moderate for the kidneys. 

What is the effect of Eptoin on the pancreas and Liver?

Eptoin is said to have very mild or zilch effects on the liver. The warning signs must be dealt with utmost care while you buy Eptoin 50mg online. 

  • Does Eptoin affect the heart?

            No, Eptoin has null affect on the heart. 

  • Severe interaction of Eptoin with other medicines

            Eptoin 50mg can cause severe side-effects by interacting with drugs such as Amiodarone and Conjugated Estrogens. Additionally, the Eptoin 50mg tablets can aggravate the side-effects if interacts with disulfiram and Ketoconazole as well as Itraconazole along with Dopamine. 

Contraindications of Eptoin

If a person is suffering from different types of diseases, he should not take Eptoin unless his doctor advises him to do so. The diseases have been listed below:

  • Depression in extreme stages
  • Suicidal mentality or tendency
  • Low blood sugar commonly known as Hypoglycemia
  • Bradycardia or slow heart rate
  • Any form of liver disease
  • Severe forms of kidney disease
  • Heart diseases such as strokes

It is highly recommended that a physician should be consulted before you purchase Eptoin 50mg online. 

FAQs about Eptoin 50mg

  1. Is the habit of consuming Eptoin addictive or forming in nature?

 a).No, Eptoin is not similar to an addiction.

Q).Is it safe to take in Eptoin while driving?

A).It is risky to consume Eptoin while driving or operating a vehicle. It is because a person can feel extremely exhausted or drowsy.

Q) Is it safe to operate heavy machinery after consuming Eptoin?

A).It is better to avoid heavy machinery after consuming the medicine. The medicine can leave you feeling unconscious.

Q).Is it safe to consume Eptoin on your own?

A).Yes, but it is highly recommended that the medicine should be consumed by consulting a doctor.

Q).Is it effective for removing mental disorders?

A).Eptoin has been effective in curing patients with mental disorders. Therefore, it is said to have positive effects on the patients suffering from mental jerks. 

These FAQs can be beneficial when you wish to buyEptoin 50mg online.

Types of interactions that can take place while consuming Eptoin with Alcohol or Food

Interaction between food components and Eptoin

When Eptoin is consumed along with food it can show various harmful effects. However, an appropriate physician must be consulted in order to avoid this.  The case should be handled with utmost care as it can cause severe side-effects.

Interaction between components of Alcohol and drugs present in Eptoin

Consumption of Alcohol should be avoided. The habit of consuming Eptoin with alcoholic drinks can cause serious diseases in the body. 

Substitutes for Eption

There are numerous substitutes for Eptoin. These are C Toin and Dilantin and Epicent. Furthermore, the other substitutes are Episol and Epsod.  Apart from this, the substitutes such as Epsolin and Fentoin ER along with Solphen perform the same functions such as Eptoin 50mg. 

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