Endace 40 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Megestrol Acetate
  • Brand Name : Megace
  • Manufacture Name : Samarth Pharma
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Endace 40 mg tablets are used to treat certain hormone- dependant cancers such as endometrial cancer and breast cancer in women, for it is the synthetic form of the hormone progesterone and performs the function of the same by binding to the progesterone receptors. These tablets are often used as an appetite-stimulating agent for the treatment of patients with advanced cancer or HIV.

What are the benefits of buying Endace 40 mg online?

It helps to treat breast cancer and endometrial cancer by palliating the symptoms. Breast cancer shows certain symptoms like the discharge of blood from the nipples, change in the shape of the breast, and breast lumps, while endometrial cancer shows symptoms like lower back pain, extreme pain during sex, and abdominal bleeding. One can buy Endace 40 mg online to relieve such symptoms, for these tablets will hinder the production of hormones that are vital for the growth of cancer.

Side-effects of Endace 40 mg

A patient taking Endace 40 mg may end up showing certain side-effects. A few of the commonly experienced side-effects are mentioned below.

Increased appetite results in a gain of body weight.
Edema (swelling): Moderate
Insomnia: Mild
Nausea or Vomiting
The increased glucose level in the blood
High blood pressure
Hot flashes

Though these side-effects occur, they needn’t require much medical attention, for they will eventually fade with time, once when the body gets along with the medicine. But in case if these side-effects persist even after a considerable amount of time, consulting a doctor would always be recommended.

When you buy Endace 40 mg online, always read about its side effects.

Tips on how to deal with the common side-effects

Weight gain

Weight gain is a commonly observed side-effect due to increased appetite. There are several ways to cope with it. The best possible way is the practice of taking small frequent meals instead of eating processed meat or food that contains an ample number of calories. Fasting is a highly recommended effective method to lose weight. Being able to eat a healthy balanced diet would help the patient to control the weight gain.


Intake of a good amount of water is important to keep the body hydrated. This would help to improve the digestion process. Regular exercise and doing other physical activities like walking, jogging, or yoga has proved to be one of the easiest methods to overcome constipation. Moreover, the inclusion of food rich in fiber, fresh fruits, and vegetables is significant. It is good to know about how to deal with side effects if you purchase Endace 40mg online or from any drug store.

Hot Flashes

Intake of cold drinks and spraying cool water all over the face would help to relieve the hot flashes. Wear light-colored clothes instead of the dark-colored ones like black, for it absorbs more heat.

High Blood Pressure

The basic way to reduce blood pressure is by limiting the consumption of food that contains salt. Adding more fruits and vegetables to the daily diet would be helpful. It would be highly appreciated if one can check the blood pressure daily.

The increased glucose level in the blood

Different medicines can be taken to lower the glucose level. This can be done with the help of a doctor by checking the sugar level and taking the medication accordingly. While at the same time, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and drinking sugar-free fluids can help to cope with the same.

How to use Endace 40 mg?

If you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, buy Endace 40 mg online and take the medicine with the appropriate dose as mentioned by the doctor. Make sure not to chew or break the tablet, but swallow it as a whole.


Q. Is it okay to consume alcohol while taking this medicine?

The interaction of Endace 40 mg with alcohol is still unknown but it has been advised to consult a doctor before taking the medicine.

What are the general instructions to be kept in mind while taking the medicine?

Take the medicine with or without food as advised by the doctor. One should stick on to the dose prescribed. One shouldn’t stop taking the medicine unless the doctor says.

Q. Where can you buy Endace 40 mg?

You can BUY ENDACE 40MG ONLINE or at any chemist shop.

Will the consumption of this medicine cause sleepiness?

No. consumption of Endace 40 mg does not cause sleepiness.

Q. Can this medicine be used by pregnant women?

A. It is advised not to use these medicines without consulting a doctor, for these tablets can be taken during pregnancy only if the need is clinically established.

Q. Is it okay if breastfeeding women use these medicines?

A. It is not recommended to consume these medicines during the time of breastfeeding. Consumption of Endace 40mg during this period can result in certain side-effects. If at all a necessity comes, ensure to discuss it with the doctor in prior and make sure to seek proper advice regarding the same.

Q. Will this medication lead to the formation of any habit in particular?

A. As of now no such tendencies were reported.

Q. How long does Endace 40mg tablet take to act? and how long does the effect of the medicine last?

A. Time taken by the medicine to initiate the effect as well as the duration for which the effect would last is still unknown and it isn’t clinically established.

Q. Will the consumption of Endace 40mg affect patients with severe kidney disease in any manner?

A. Adequate care should be taken. Dose adjustment is advisable for such patients after consulting the concerned doctor.

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