Enapril-HT 10 Mg/25 Mg

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  • Generic Name : Enalapril and Hydrochlorothiazide
  • Brand Name : Vasotec
  • Manufacture Name : Intas
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Buy Enapril-HT 10+25mg online 

Enapril-HT tablets are used for the treatment of hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure. This tablet is a combination of two medicines and is often prescribed when a single medication becomes ineffective in treating hypertension. Buy Enapril-HT 10+25mg online to cure this health condition. This medication is also beneficial in terms of preventing a future heart attack or a stroke.

Benefits of taking this medication 

  • Hypertension/High Blood Pressure These tablets are taken to lower blood pressure. Though the medication does not show an immediate effect, they are extremely helpful to cure the disease in the long run. Intake of these tablets enhances the blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels. Hence, they are prescribed to be taken daily to improve one’s health condition. These tablets are also taken by patients as an act of precaution to prevent any complications with diseases like stroke or heart attack.

General instructions to be considered while taking the medication 

Following the instructions are extremely significant for a better recovery.

  • These tablets can either be taken with or without food.
  • After taking the medication for a while, the patient might feel better. But this shouldn’t stop the patient from taking the tablets. This is because hypertension does not show any symptoms and there are high chances for the condition to get worse. Therefore, do not discontinue the medication and buy Enapril-HT 10+25mg online.
  • They can be taken at any fixed time, preferably in the morning to avoid urination at frequent intervals at night.
  • Make sure that the patient exercises regularly and takes a healthy diet along with the medication. Doing the same would help the patient to recover at the earliest.
  • The patient should not crush/chew the tablets. Instead, the tablet must be taken as a whole.
  • Drink plenty of water, for there are high chances for dehydration. ‘
  • Notify the doctor as soon as you experience any undesirable effects.
  • The medicine must be taken at a fixed time with the appropriate dose as prescribed.
  • Make sure that the doctor keeps a regular check on your blood pressure, kidney function, and levels of salt in the body like levels of potassium.

Side-effects of Enapril tablets 

One must be well-acquainted with the side-effects when they buy Enapril-HT online. Intake of these tablets may cause certain major and minor side-effects. The common side-effects that appear are listed below:

  • Increased blood lipid level
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Cough
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Increase of the uric acid in the blood
  • Severe fatigue
  • Taste change
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea  
  • Vomiting

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Most of the side-effects do not require much medical care. One needn’t panic about them, for they will fade away eventually with time.  

How does this medication work?

Being a combination of two medicines, named Enalapril and Hydrochlorothiazide, this medication is very effective in lowering the blood pressure. Enalapril is an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, while hydrochlorothiazide is a diuretic. The former improves the blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels and the heart. This in turn increases the circulation of blood to all parts of the body. At the same time, the latter helps with the removal of water and excess electrolytes from the body.

Substitutes for Enapril-HT tablets 

Some patients may have to resort to alternative medicine due to some health conditions or the presence of undesirable side-effects. In such cases, the doctors prescribe any of the following alternative brands:

Continue the medication and buy Enapril-HT 10+25mg online if the person is responding positively towards the same. On the contrary, if the patient is experiencing undesirable effects frequently, he/she can resort to alternative medicine.  

  • Enzide 10mg/25mg Tablet
  • Invozide Tablet
  • Enatol HT 10mg/25mg Tablet
  • Tenam HT 10mg/25mg Tablet
  • Normace D 10mg/25mg Tablet
  • EL HT 10mg/25mg Tablet

General admonitions

Liver Disease

 This medicine ought to be utilized with extraordinary alert in patients with liver maladies because of an expansion in the danger of genuine unfavorable impacts including trance-like state. Close checking of liver capacity is prompted while taking this medicine. Report any indications of disarray or jaundice to the specialist on need. Supplanting with a reasonable option might be fundamentally dependent on the clinical condition.

Volume and electrolyte exhaustion

 The utilization of this medicine may adjust the blood volume and electrolyte levels in certain patients. This may cause discombobulation, dry mouth, and corrosive base awkwardness. This danger is especially greater in patients experiencing kidney and liver illnesses. Close observing of pulse and electrolyte levels is suggested for such patients. Fitting portion alterations or supplanting with a reasonable option might be required depending on the clinical condition.

Kidney Disease

The utilization of this medicine may cause Azotemia in patients with a known history of serious renal ailments. Close checking of kidney work is vital while taking this medicine. Supplanting with an appropriate option might be required depending on the clinical condition.


 Suggestive hypotension may happen in patients with volume consumption or patients who are treated with high-portion diuretics. It is encouraged to address this condition before starting treatment with this mix of medicine.


The utilization of this medicine may build the potassium levels in the blood (hyperkalemia). This may cause genuine symptoms, for example, deadly cardiovascular musicality anomalies. It is encouraged to evade potassium-rich nourishments (potatoes, bananas) and different medicines that may expand potassium levels (ACE inhibitors and potassium supplements) during treatment with this medicine.

Use in Children

This medicine isn't suggested for use in patients under 18 years old since the wellbeing and viability of utilization are not clinically settled.

 Common FAQ’S

  • How long will this medication take to show a positive result? 

Ans The amount of time taken by the medication to give a positive response varies from person to person and isn’t clinically established yet.

  • How long will this medication remain active in the body? 

Ans The term for which the effect of the medicine remains active in the body isn’t determined yet.

  • Where can you buy Enapril-HT online?

Ans One can buy these tablets online from All Day Med

  • Is this medicine a habit-forming one? 

Ans These tablets do not result in any tendencies like habit-formation.

  • Is it safe to consume alcohol during the medication? 

Ans Patients are highly advised not to consume alcohol during the medication, for it can worsen the side-effects like dizziness, fatigue, tiredness, and drowsiness.

  • Is it safe to drive during the medication? 

Ans Patients should restrain themselves from driving while taking the medication. This is because the intake of tablets may cause various side-effects like drowsiness and dizziness. Therefore, indulging in activities like driving is regarded as unsafe.

  • Can patients with liver disease take this medication without any caution? 

Ans Patients with liver disease may have to take the necessary precautions before they buy Enapril-HT online.The respective doctor may suggest a dose adjustment.

  • Can women take this medication during the time of Pregnancy? 

Ans These tablets are not recommended for pregnant women. There are high chances of risks associated with the same. Certain studies in humans have shown adverse side-effects to the developing baby. But the doctors may recommend them in case of an emergency when the benefits are relatively higher than the potential risks.

  • Can women take this medication during the time of breastfeeding? 

Ans Intake of these tablets is considered to be safe during the time of breastfeeding. Studies have shown that a significant amount of drug does not pass into the breastfeeding milk and thereby the medication is regarded as a safe and effective one.

Buy Enapril-HT 10+25mg online from All Day Med

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