Elocon Cream

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  • Generic Name : Mometasone Furoate
  • Brand Name : Asmanex
  • Manufacture Name : MSD
  • Presentation : Tube
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Buy Elocon 10gm Cream online

Elocon cream is a topical steroid. Its external application is used for the treatment of certain skin conditions like rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema etc. it is helpful to alleviate various symptoms like swelling, itching, redness etc.

Warnings to be considered before you buy Elocon 10gm cream 

  • Being a topical steroid, this medication should only be applied externally, on the skin.
  • While applying the cream on face, do not exceed the duration. Stick on to the time as advised by the doctor.
  • The affected area where the cream is applied shouldn’t be covered with anything. Act according to the instructions given by the doctor.
  • The cream should be applied as a thin layer on the skin.
  • The medicine should be applied regularly as prescribed. Ensure that you don’t exceed the quantity of medication.

Benefits of buying Elocon 10gm cream

Buy Elocon 10gm cream online if you are suffering from any of the following skin conditions.

Being a topical corticosteroid, elocon cream is effective in curing various skin conditions like dermatitis, rashes, psoriasis, eczema etc. This can result in symptoms like inflammation and itching. This medication controls the action of certain chemicals that are responsible for inflammation of the skin. This treatment is an effective medication, if used according to the right medical advice.


It is a medical condition caused due to certain problems with the immune system. If a patient is affected with psoriasis, he/she develops scales, itchy and dry patches due to the build-up of skin cells. These dry patches usually appear on the elbows, knees, scalp and other parts of the body. This medication helps to get rid of these scally dry patches to a great extent.


A medical condition which results in the appearance of rough and cracked skin. While some types of eczema can cause blisters as well. External application of elocon cream can alleviate the pain.

Buy Elocon 10gm cream from pharmacy shops nearby if you develop symptoms for Eczema.


This health condition is a general term used to refer to skin inflammation. There are various types of dermatitis. The symptoms include the appearance of swollen, dry and red skin.  The symptoms depend on the type of dermatitis, one is suffering from. Elocon cream is an effective treatment to reduce the redness, pain, and inflammation caused by the disease.

How does this medication work?

Certain chemical messengers like prostaglandins make the skin swollen, red and dry. To prevent this, one must choose the right medication that blocks the production of the chemicals. Elocon cream is an effective medicine to alleviate all the symptoms and cure the disease.

What are the possible side-effects of Elocon cream?

External application of Elocon cream can cause the following side-effects.

  • Skin rashes
  • Burning sensation
  • Skin becomes extremely dry
  • Softening of skin
  • Rashes appear around the affected area
  • Spider veins
  • Swollen hair follicles
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Redness of skin
  • Paraesthesia
  • Skin atrophy

These side-effects usually disappear once the patient gets used to the medication. Therefore, the patient needn’t consider any sort of medical attention. Having adequate knowledge regarding all the side-effects even before you buy Elocon 10gm cream is considered important. If the side-effects persist and the condition becomes worse, the patient should immediately consult the doctor.


Q. Is it safe to consume alcohol during the time of medication?

Ans: As of now no direct interactions have been reported. The safety regarding the consumption of alcohol is not clinically established. So, it is highly recommended that the patient should consider the concerned doctor’s medical advice before drinking alcohol.

Q. Is it safe to use this medication during the time of pregnancy?

Ans:This medication is generally considered as unsafe during the time of pregnancy. Only limited studies have been made in human beings regarding the same. But the studies in animals have shown harmful effects on the developing baby. This indicates the possible risks associated with it. So, it is always better to consult a doctor before starting the course of medication. The concerned doctor will let the patient know the benefits and possible risks regarding the medication.

Q. Where can you buy Elocon 10gm cream from?

Ans: It is available at most of the medical shops. If not, this medicine is available online as well.

Q. Do doctors prescribe this medicine to women during the time of breastfeeding?

Ans: It is safe to take this medication during the time of breastfeeding. Human data so far has not reported any possible risk to the baby.

Q. Is it safe to drive during the time of medication?

Ans: Driving is considered to be safe.

Q. Can liver patients take this medication without any caution?

Ans:  No such conclusion has been drawn yet and no such possible interactions are determined yet.

Warnings regarding the dosage

Buy Elocon 10mg cream online and make sure that the medicine is taken regularly with the appropriate dose as prescribed. In case if the patient misses a dose, he/she must ensure to take it as soon as possible. But if its time for the next dose, then its better to skip the missed dose. Do not overdose the medication. It wouldn’t benefit the patients in any manner. On the contrary they might end up experiencing some side-effects. These side-effects may disappear soon, while some may need proper medical care and attention.

Substitutes for Elocon cream

Some patients are restricted from doing some medications due to possible reasons like other medical conditions and treatments. Either buy Elocon 10gm cream online or resort to other alternatives. A few of them with similar composition, strength and function are listed below:

  • Supramom 1mg cream
  • Elosone cream
  • Gecort 1mg cream
  • Momegal cream
  • Mosone 1mg cream

Buy Elocon cream from trustworthy medical shops

If you are suffering from any sort of symptoms like rough skin, dry patches or scaly patches on skin due to various skin conditions, then consult a doctor and buy Elocon 10mg cream online to cure the disease by doing the appropriate medication. This medicine is available at AllDay Med, one of the best online pharmaceutical companies. The reliable delivery service and 24/7 assistance makes it a better company when compared to others.

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