Dorzox 2 % Eye Drops

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  • Generic Name :  Dorzolamide
  • Brand Name : Trusopt
  • Manufacture Name : Cipla
  • Presentation : Eye Drop
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Dorzox 2% Eye drop is used to cure the increased pressure in the eye. Additionally, the eye drop is used in the treatment of open-eyed glaucoma. The condition of glaucoma can lead to loss of the vision eventually.

What is the medicine prescribed for?

The medicine can be used for treating intraocular hypertension. This medicine is to mitigate the decrease of the fluid pressure within the eyes. Moreover, the medicine can be used in the treatment of open-angle glaucoma. This medicine is used to treat the situation of open-angle glaucoma. It is identified as an eye issue which is generally characterized as a progressive loss in the vision. Read these uses before you instill dorzox t 5ml eye drop online.

Side-effects of the Dorzox 2% eye drops

The eye drops are the origin of numerous minor and major side-effects.  The major side-effects can cause severe stinging, discomfort in the eye, along with a burning sensation. It can increase the sensitivity of the eyes towards the light in a severe manner. Additionally, it can give increase the aspect of itchiness within the eyes along with swelling or redness of eyes. The eye drop can cause minor side-effects such as bitter taste along the taste buds along with stomach and digestion disorders. In rare cases, the eye drop can give rise to side-effects such as watery eyes and skin rashes. The medicine can give rise to nausea and headache in some cases. These side-effects should be read thoroughly before you purchase dorzox t 5ml eye drop online.

Warnings issued for special population


This medicine should be avoided during pregnancy cases. However, the pros and cons can be discussed with the doctor in cases of emergency.


The medicine should not be used by breastfeeding women unless necessary. The risks and limitations should be discussed with the doctor.

Warnings related to the medicine for general population

Bacterial keratitis

The medicine is composed of an ophthalmic solution which can be contaminated by bacteria easily. The contaminated solution can give rise to infection in the cornea. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a specific hygienic precaution measure should be followed to prevent the medicine from getting contaminated.  Read these warnings before you purchase dorzox t 5ml eye drop online.

Corneal edema

The medicine should be used by taking necessary caution as it can increase the risk of cornea edema. Therefore, any swelling around the cornea of the eye should be brought into the notice of the doctor urgently.

Advised dosage of the medicine

The missed dose of the eye drop should be administered as soon as you recall. It has been recommended to skip the previous dose if it is the time to instill the next scheduled one. Avoid instilling a double dose to recover the loss of the previous dose. Moreover, in case of an overdose, the doctor should be contacted immediately. Read this advice with utmost attention before you purchase dorzox t 5ml eye drop online.

Cases where the medicine should be strictly prohibited


This medicine should be avoided by patients who are allergic to dorzolamide or any other chemicals present in the eye drop.

Severe renal impairment

This medicine should be avoided by patients having severe renal impairment. The patients known to have creatinine clearance which is less than 30min/ml, should avoid using this medicine due to severe side-effects. Read these allergy cases thoroughly before you buy dorzox t 5ml eye drop online.

Interaction with different classes of drugs

The medicine cannot interact with alcohol. However, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor before you instill this medicine. The medicine can aggravate the side-effects of drugs such as Aspirin and Bismuth subsalicylate. Additionally, it can aggravate the side-effects of Oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.

General instructions in regard with the medicine

This medicine should be used as per the guidelines and instructions mentioned on the package insert or the label. The medicine should not be instilled in large amounts than specifically prescribed. Please seek an emergency medical treatment in case of severe side-effects. Ensure that the entire course of treatment with the medicine has been completed. Avoid stopping the use of this medicine without consulting a doctor. In case you are using more than one eye drop, make sure there is a time lapse of 5-15 minutes between usages of the two eye drops.

Interaction with other diseases

Bone marrow suppression

This medicine should be used by taking necessary precaution by the patients who are identified to suffer from a blood cell disorders and bone marrow suppression. The blood counts of the patients should be monitored closely among patients with prolonged therapy. Problems such as fever and sore throat should be reported to the doctor immediately. Additionally, symptoms such as bleeding, dizziness and pallor should be reported to the doctor. However, the therapies such as adjustment of dose and replacement with the best alternative can be applicable in some cases as per the clinical condition of the patient. Read these instructions before you buy dorzox t 5ml eye drop online.


In case of Porphyria, the medicine should be used with extreme caution as the medicine can increase the risk of an acute attack related toporpyria.


  • How long does it take for the medicine to function?

The effect of the medicine can be witnessed after 2 hours of the administration of the medicine’s dose.

  • How long can the effects of the medicine last?

The effect of the medicine can last for a duration of eight to twelve hours.

  • Is it safe to consume alcohol along with the medicine?

Interaction in terms of alcohol hasn’t been discovered until now. However, the doctor should be immediately consulted in this regard. Roll your eyes through these FAQs before you buy dorzox t 5ml eye drop online.

  • Can this medicine give rise to habit forming tendency?

No, the habit forming tendencies have not been established or reported till date.

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