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  • Generic Name : Bisoprolol
  • Brand Name : Zebeta
  • Manufacture Name : Siegfried
  • Presentation : Tablets
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Introduction for Corbis 5mg

Corbis 5mg tablet comes under the category of an antihypertensive which can be used as a combination or alone. It can be used to lower high blood pressure levels. It should be administered with necessary caution in patients suffering from lung diseases. 

Uses of Corbis 5mg tablet

It can be used in the treatment of Hypertension. It is an increase in the blood pressure which can be caused due to genetic disorders or environmental factors.  You can buy Corbis 5mgonline from All Day Med. 

Cases where the medicine should be avoided

The medicine should be avoided if one is allergic to the Corbis 5mg tablet or any medicines categorized under the group of Beta-Blockers. Please avoid the medicine if you are suffering from the symptoms of cardiogenic shock. The medicine should be avoided by patients having a heart block that is greater than the first degree. The tablet is not recommended in cases such as Sinus Bradycardia. 

General instructions for consuming this medicine 

The medicine should be administered with food. Avoid taking medicine in larger amounts than prescribed. A doctor should be consulted if any undesirable effects are observed. Read the instructions before you buy Corbis 5mg online.

Instructions for dosage 

In case of a missed dose, consume the missed dose as soon as possible. On the contrary, if it is time to consume your next dose, you can skip the missed dose. Avoid consuming the same dose twice to cover the missed dose. Please seek an emergency medical treatment or try to consult a doctor in the case of an overdose. 

Side-effects of Corbis 5mg tablet

This medicine can give rise to severe side-effects such as body pain and running nose or cough. It can give rise to headaches, symptoms of dizziness, and sneezing. Moreover, it can give rise to mild and rare symptoms such as chest discomfort, muscle pain, insomnia, joint pain, and diarrhea. Read these side-effects before you buy Corbis 5mg online. 

Warnings for special population

Avoid using this medicine in case of pregnancy unless necessary. Please consult your doctor to discuss the pros and cons before consuming this medicine. This medicine should be avoided by breastfeeding women due to the risks that can affect the infant. 

General warnings related to the medicine

Avoid this medicine in the case of cardiac failure. This medicine can aggravate the symptoms of heart failure and it can reduce the flow of blood in the case of patients with heart diseases. However, suitable dose adjustment therapy and close monitoring of the heart symptoms can be required. Necessary caution is recommended for patients who are scheduled to have major surgery. An anesthetic agent with little or no inotropic activity should be chosen to minimize the symptoms of heart diseases. Corbis 5mg tablets should be used carefully in patients suffering from lung diseases. The patients who fail to respond to antihypertensives should avoid this medicine. However, you can start with a minimal dose possible and adjust the normal dose based on the clinical condition.

Additionally, the medicine should be administered with necessary caution in patients with diabetes. The medicine can mask the symptoms of hypoglycemia. The levels of glucose in blood should be regularly monitored. The medicine can be replaced with an alternative as per the clinical condition.  Read these warnings before you buy Corbis 5mg online. 

Precautions for this medicine

Please avoid indulging in physical exercise and sports while administering this medicine. High- risk sports such as racing, archery, and shooting should be avoided.  Sportspersons should go through the list of banned medicines that are published by the World Anti-Doping Agency before participating in significant sports events. Corbis 5mg tablet should be used carefully by patients with increase thyroid levels. Avoid withdrawing the medicine abruptly as it can lead to a life-threatening condition known as thyroid storm. The thyroid levels should be frequently monitored. The medicine can be substituted after considering the clinical condition. It should be noted that the efficacy and safety of medicine haven't been established in the pediatric population. Please roll your eyes through this leaflet before you buy Corbis 5mg from All Day Med. 

Interaction with alcohol 

Consumption of alcohol along with this medicine can aggravate the side-effects of lowered blood pressure. Avoid taking this medicine especially at the initial phases or during the change of dosage.  Report the symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and change of heart rate and pulse rate to the doctor. 

Interaction with other medicines 

The medicine can give rise to severe side-effects after interacting with Theophylline, Calcium channel blockers, and Alprazolam. 

Commonly asked questions

  • How long does it take for this medicine to work?

The effects of the medicine can be observed after two to four hours of its administration.

  • How long can the effects of this medicine last?

The results of the medicine can last for an average duration of twelve to twenty-four hours.

  • Is it safe to consume alcohol along with this medicine?

No, avoid taking this medicine along with alcohol. Alcohol can aggravate symptoms such as headache, change in heart rate, or dizziness. Read these FAQs before you buy Corbis 5mg from All Day Med. 

  • Is this medicine addictive?

No habit forming tendencies have been observed or reported. 

  • Can medicine be consumed during pregnancy?

No, the medicine can't be considered to be safe during pregnancy. Therefore, consult your doctor to discuss the pros and cons of medicine.

  • Can this medicine be consumed while breastfeeding?

Avoid consuming this medicine in case of breastfeeding. 

  • Where can I buy Corbis 5mg?

You can buy this medicine at All Day Med at affordable and discounted rates.

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All Day Med is a licensed online pharmacy that can provide medical consultancy services at discounted and reasonable rates. You can purchase a different variety of medicines at our pharmacy. Our doctors can recommend medicines based on your clinical conditions. We can provide you with numerous medical instructions such as dos and don'ts related to medicine. Additionally, we can be distinguished from other pharmacies due to our reliable home delivery services and 24/7 medical consultancy services. You can buy Corbis 5mg at a discounted rate from All Day Med. 

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