Clearz Max Cream

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  • Generic Name : Clearz Max Cream
  • Brand Name : Hydroquinone 2%, Tretinoin 0.025% and Fluocinolone 0.01%
  • Manufacture Name : Dr. Reddy, India
  • Presentation : Cream
  • Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days
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Clearz Max Cream 15gm


Description of Clearz Max Cream

Clearz Max cream is a prescribed medicine composed of medicines that are used to cure melasma. The medicine can be helpful in quick skin renewal. It can provide relief from infections such as redness, itching, or swelling on the surface of the skin. The cream should be used as per the duration and dose which is prescribed by a doctor.  Wash your hands properly before applying for this medicine. Please check the label for reading the directions prescribed before use. The medicine is suitable for external use only.


General instructions for the medicine 

Avoid using the medicine in excessive doses than prescribed. Your doctor should be informed about allergies arising from medicine. Read these instructions with utmost caution before you apply Clearz Max Cream 15gm.


Side-effects of Clearz Max cream

The common side-effects can be observed as irritation and burning on the skin. Additionally, the side-effects can be seen as redness and swelling at the application site. The major side-effect of the medicine can be identified as itchiness around the entire area of the skin. If these side-effects persist for a longer duration, please inform your doctor. Any symptoms emerging on account of using this medicine should be brought into the notice of the doctor. Cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding should be brought into the notice of a doctor. The medicine can prove to be hazardous for breastfeeding mothers. In some cases, the medicine can give rise to side-effects such as skin rash and peeling or blistering of the skin. Please read this advice before you apply Clearz Max Cream 15gm. 


Directions for using this cream

This medicine is deemed fit for external purposes only. It should be used as per the routine or schedule advised by the doctor. Clean the affected area thoroughly before applying the cream. The affected area should be patted dry before coming in contact with the medicine. Your hands should be thoroughly cleaned before applying for this medicine. Dirty or unwashed hands can give rise to new side-effects. Follow these directions before you apply Clearz Max Cream 15gm.


Uses of Clearz Max Cream

The cream is generally prescribed for skin defects such as melasma. Melasma is a skin problem that can make the skin dark or colorless. Additionally, melasma can give rise to dark and discolored patches all around your skin. Therefore, the medicine can be used for the treatment of curing brownish-colored patches appearing on the cheeks and forehead. Additionally, the medicine can efficiently reduce the redness of the skin generally appearing on the bridge of the nose and the chin. The medicine can be used to treat a skin condition whereby gray-brown spots appear on the face on account of exposure to sun rays. Take this uses into consideration before you choose to apply Clearz Max Cream 15gm. 


Cases where the medicine should be avoided


This medicine should be highly prohibited in case of allergies to tretinoin and isotretinoin present in the composition of the medicine.  Moreover, this medicine should not be used in case if you are allergic to chemicals such as retinoids, fluocinolone, and hydroquinone.


Warnings for general cases

Skin sensitivity test

A skin test is highly recommended to test the sensitivity of the skin. A skin test can successfully rule out the limitations or allergic reactions related to medicine. Therefore, this can make the use of the medicine safe for regular use.

Sun exposure

The medicine can aggravate the side-effects during interacting with sun rays or radiant. Therefore, exposure of the medicine to the sun should be checked. However, appropriate precaution norms should be followed before stepping out directly into sunlight. Read these warnings with utmost care before you buy Clearz Max Cream 15gm online.

Other skin creams

This medicine can react adversely with skincare lotions or other medicinal or herbal products. Therefore, please consult your dermatologist before you commence the use of other products along with this cream.

Cutaneous reactions

This medicine can give rise to local skin problems or irritations such as itchiness and blisters around the skin along with a moderate burning sensation. Please contact your doctors if these symptoms do not fade away easily.


Interactions with other drugs

The medicine should be used carefully along with medicines such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, and Methoxsalen. Read these instructions carefully before you buy Clearz Max Cream 15gm online.


Interactions with other severe diseases


The medicine should be used by taking necessary precautions by patients suffering from active or latent infections. This medicine can aggravate the patient's condition by suppressing the immune systems. However, necessary therapies such as replacement with a substitute or adjustment of doses can be available based on the clinical condition of the patient.


This medicine should be used with caution in patients suffering from a situation whereby the adrenal glands secrete excess amounts of steroidal hormones in the body. Necessary tests and experiments should be conducted to rule out this defect before applying for this medicine. Please read these instructions before you buy Clearz Max Cream 15gm online.


This medicine should not be used by patients having issues of eczema. This medicine can cause severe irritation or can it can give rise to a severe burning sensation on the eczematous skin. However, in some cases replacement with a substitute can be available based on the clinical trials.



What is the working time of the medicine?

The duration taken for this medicine to display its effect can vary from one individual to another based on the skin types.

Does this medicine give rise to habit-forming tendencies?

No habit forming tendencies have been reported to date.


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