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  • Generic Name : Lisinopril
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  • Manufacture Name : Prinivil
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Cipril 10mg tablets are used to treat hypertension, also known as high blood pressure (HBP). People whose blood pressure is above the ideal range (120/80) is often diagnosed with high blood pressure. This is a medical condition experienced when the blood flows against the artery walls under great force. Many people diagnosed with high blood pressure are very common, with more than 10 million cases reported every year. 

Hypertension is considered to be severe when the pressure rises above 180/120. Though the blood pressure seems to be under control, you can buy cipril 10mg online or from any drug store, for the intake of this medicine is considered safe for long term use. 

When are Cipril 10mg tablets used? 

As mentioned earlier, it is used for the treatment of high blood pressure. But this medical condition can cause acute health issues like heart disease and stroke if not treated with the utmost care during the initial stages.

Therefore, Cipril 10mg tablets are often prescribed for the following medical conditions: 

Hypertension: Certain parameters like genetic or environmental factors may result in high blood pressure

Congestive Heart Failure: This chronic medical condition occurs when the heart fails to pump blood conventionally due to the thickening of the walls of the left ventricle. During such cases, Cipril 10mg tablets are used for the treatment. 

Myocardial Infarction: Heart attack usually occurs due to the blocking of a blood vessel that hinders blood flow to the heart. 

The possibility for the condition to get worse is higher if the patient stops taking medicine. So, one can purchase cipril 10mg online, for it is advised to take the tablets regularly to reduce the chances of getting ill again. 

  Common major and minor side-effects after taking the medicine

  • Heart rate increases
  • Severe joint pain is experienced 
  • Extreme dizziness 
  • Indigestion occurs as a minor side-effect (rare)
  • Acute chest discomfort and abdominal pain 
  • A decrease in the urine output 
  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Diarrhea 

Most of the side effects do not require much medical attention. However, being well-acknowledged about the side-effects is appreciated when you buy Cipril 10mg online.  If you experience any of the above-mentioned side-effects even after a long period of time, consult the respective doctor should be taken into consideration. 


  1. What should be done if you forget to take Cipril 10mg on time?
  2. Ensure that you don't double the dose and continue with the normal schedule.
  3. How long does Cipril 10mg take to show effect? 
  4. The effect of the medicine can be observed in 6 to 8 hours. 
  5. How long will the effect of Cipril 10mg last? 
  6. After the intake of these tablets, the effects will last for about 24 hours. 
  7. Where can you buy Cipril 10mg?
  8. You can buy Cipril 10mg online or from any chemist shop nearby. 
  9. Can a woman take these tablets during her pregnancy period? 
  10. A pregnant woman shouldn't take Cipril 10mg tablets. 
  11. Can a breastfeeding woman take these tablets? 
  12. Breastfeeding women are advised not to take Cipril 10mg.
  13. Will the consumption of Cipril 10mg affect diabetic patients in any manner?  
  14. Diabetic patients are advised to check their blood sugar levels regularly. This is because the intake of Cipril 10mg may result in lowering the blood sugar levels. 
  15. Can a patient consume alcohol while taking Cipril 10mg? 
  16. One should restrain from the consumption of alcohol if she/he is taking these tablets. Consumption of alcohol may result in dizziness and severe headache. So, patients are advised not to consume alcohol.
  17. Will the consumption of Cipril 10mg increase potassium levels in the blood? 
  18. Intake of these tablets by a patient who has health issues like kidney problems, diabetes mellitus, and dehydration are advised to consult a doctor to conduct blood tests daily. This is to monitor the potassium levels in the blood, for there might be a slight increase during the intake of Cipril 10mg tablets.  

Lifestyle changes to be considered while taking Cipril 10mg 

The inclusion of excess salt in the diet should be avoided. One must make sure to exercise or practice yoga regularly. One should restrain from consuming alcohol and smoking. Doing the same would help in lowering the blood pressure and hence the heart problems. Intake of a balanced diet with the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, and grains is highly recommended to get the maximum benefit of taking medicine. You can purchase Cipril 10mg online or from any of the drug stores by taking into account the above-mentioned parameters.

General instructions to keep in mind while taking Cipril 10mg

Intake of the medicine is possible with or without food; however, sticking on to a fixed schedule is recommended. One must ensure to take medicine with the appropriate dose. Consult a doctor immediately if you experience any unfavorable side-effects. 

Benefits of buying Cipril 10mg online.

Cipril 10mg, which is used for the treatment of hypertension, otherwise called high blood pressure, hinders the formation of a chemical substance and hence prevents the constriction of blood vessels which eventually helps the blood to flow freely without any hindrance. 

Substitutes for Cipril 10mg

  • Hypernil 10mg Tablet
  • Linvas 10mg Tablet
  • Listril 10mg Tablet
  • Normorpril 10mg Tablet
  • Zestril 10mg Tablet

The above listed are the 5 substitutes for Cipril 10mg. One can consider buying any of the above-listed tablets if there is any lack of availability of Cipril 10mg online after consulting a doctor. 

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