Buy Aziderm Cream 10% (15gm ) Online

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Generic Name : Azelaic Acid

Brand Name : Finacea Cream 10%

Manufacture Name : Micro Lab

Presentation : Cream

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Buy Aziderm Cream 10% (15gm ) Online
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General Information

Composition: Azelaic Acid (10% w/w)

Manufacturer: Micro Labs Ltd

Pharmaceutical Form: Cream

Storage: Store at room temperature (10-30°C),


Usage: Acne






Aziderm, 10% Cream, is used for the treatment of acne and pimples. It is meant for topical administration (external use) and effectively helps to treat acne problems such as lumps, redness, and swelling by directly attacking the acne-causing bacteria. You can BUY AZIDERM CREAM 10% at All Day Med. Use Aziderm precisely as prescribed by your doctor.


How does Aziderm Cream work?


Azelaic acid present in Aziderm cream works by killing the bacteria that causes acne. It also provides relief from inflammation of the skin.


Make sure you read the instructions that come with your medicine. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact, you should rinse your eyes thoroughly with water.


Side effects of using Aziderm Cream


Aziderm has very few side effects that generally do not require medical attention. Only consult your doctor or pharmacist if the side effects persist for a really long time or are unbearable. Common side effects of using Aziderm cream include but are not limited to:


  • burning


  • Irritation


  • Itching


  • Redness


Coping with side effects- Do not touch, rub, or pick the affected area as it might lead to worsening of your condition. For getting relief from burning, redness, or swelling, rub an ice

Cube on the affected area for a few minutes daily. Washing your face frequently can also be beneficial. Contact your doctor’s advice if required. BUY AZIDERM CREAM 10% and compare it with other brands at All Day Meds.


Direction to apply-


  1. Aziderm 10% should be used precisely as directed by your doctor. Keep in mind the following tips for best results.
  2. Firstly, always ensure to wash your face with water and dry it with a clean towel afterward.
  3. Apply Aziderm cream twice a day daily for best results. If you have sensitive skin, your doctor may tell you to only use it once a day for the first week and then continue using twice a day afterward.
  4. For best results, use it consistently throughout the course of results. The frequently missed applications might not give as effective results.
  5. Apply a small amount on a small affected area for testing. If it causes irritation, immediately inform your doctor and ask for alternatives. BUY AZIDERM CREAM 10% online for instant delivery.
  6. You should avoid direct contact with Aziderm with your eyes, mouth, or inner skin layers. If you accidentally happen to put it on any of the unwanted areas, wash it off with water and consult your doctor without any delay.
  7. Do not use more than what your doctor has advised as it will not induce the improvement of your condition, and some kind of side effects may increase.
  8. If you have oily skin, use a mild cleanser to wash the affected area before applying Aziderm.
  9. After applying, massage the cream gently for a while to let it absorb efficiently. Make sure you wash your hands properly after using Aziderm.
  10. If your entire face is affected with acne, it might be helpful to use at least 0.5g (2.5cm) of cream every time. For applying on the back, neck, or chest, adjust the amount according to the surface area of the affected region. BUY AZIDERM CREAM 10% ​at All Day Med.
  11. In case you happen to miss a dose, kindly skip and never to make up for it later on when you remember. You should also not use a double amount next time. Use it as you normally do and make sure not to forget to apply Aziderm at the scheduled time.


Q. How long will it Aziderm take to show full results?


The duration of treatment varies from person to person, and the severity of the condition. Generally, the initial results can be witnessed after around 4 weeks. Your doctor may prescribe it to you for several months. Please do not stop using Aziderm abruptly until your doctor tells you to stop. However, the use of Aziderm cream is not recommended for more than 12 months at any cost. BUY AZIDERM CREAM 10% at a discount.


Q. Can the use of Aziderm also lighten skin?


Yes, it is possible that the use of Aziderm can change the skin color, especially in the case of dark skin. However, it may not be a good sign, and you should inform your doctor without delay.


Q. Can Aziderm be used for treating blackheads?


Usually, the main purpose of using Aziderm is limited to kill acne-causing bacteria, but since it also reduces the growth of harder cells present on the outermost skin layer that causes blackheads and whiteheads, it might also give you relief from blackheads. However, do not use it for the sole purpose of treating blackheads. Contact your doctor for more information.


Q. Can I use Aziderm to treat my melasma?


No, it is not recommended to use Aziderm for the treatment of melasma on your own. The use of the cream should generally be limited to treating acne. However, if your doctor has prescribed AZiderm for treatment of melasma, then you can definitely use it.

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