Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone that aids in the mother's recognition of pregnancy that is produced by trophoblast cells in the embryo's uterus and eventually form the placenta upon the implantation. HCG has been found in certain pregnancy tests.

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Most Suitable Locations To Inject HCG

The doctor could provide you with your first injection of the hormone hCG.  It is best to inject hCG by yourself if you are confident doing so.

  • Subsequent sites

HCG is typically injected subsequently sites through the fat layer underneath the skin and over the muscles.  To achieve this, your physician or pharmacist will usually offer a tiny 30-gauge needle.

  • Lower abdomen

In the lower abdominal region, there is a popular injection place for the hCG. Keep the semi-circle region between the belly button as well as above the pubic region. Keep at least 1 inch from your belly button.

  • The front or the outer thigh

The outside of the thigh is a well-known hCG injection location due to the fact that there's typically more fat than other areas of the body. This makes subcutaneous injections more comfortable and less painful. Select an injection location that is away from your knee. It should be on the outside, thick part on your lower thigh.

  • Upper Arm

The fat part that runs along the top of your arm can be a great spot, too If you're not a professional contortionist, you're less likely to to accomplish this task by yourself. Find a friend or a companion for as they're trustworthy with the job! You can inject here.

  • Intramuscular sites

In some cases, there is a need injection of hCG into muscles using a larger 22.5-gauge needle. This results in a faster speed of absorption.

Directly injecting into muscles is generally less painful than injections the subcutaneous fat layer beneath the skin. But don't be concerned when you've done it right it shouldn't be painful and you shouldn't be bleeding too much.

  • Arms with the outer arm

The muscle that is rounded around your shoulder, referred to as the deltoid muscle an area of the body that you can inject yourself with an intramuscular injection. Be careful not to inject yourself into the knobby upper part of the muscle.

Steps to Inject hCG injections online

  • Step 1

Take all the items you will need:

alcohol wipes



liquid hCG needles and

Sharps containers that are puncture-proof were provided by your physician for proper disposal of needles and needles and

  • Step 2

Cleanse your hands thoroughly using hot water and soap. Make sure you get the hand's back between your fingers and underneath your fingernails.

It is recommended to scrub your hands using soap and water prior to rinsing them for at minimum 20 seconds. This is the time needed in singing"Happy Birthday" twice "Happy birthday" song two times, and is the length of time suggested.

Dry your hands using an untidy towel, afterwards, wipe your preferred injection site using a sterilized alcohol wipe. Allow it to dry prior to injecting the hCG.

  • Step 3.

Check that the syringe you're using is filled and does not have air at the top as you stand the needle up. Remove bubbles and air by pressing the plunger down just enough to get the bubbles.

  • Step 4

Take a 1- to 2-inch skin fold by using your fingers to ensure that the fat and skin beneath are in between your fingers. Because hCG is available in pre-filled syringes, or in mixes that you create in the exact dose that there's no need to be measuring.

Bring the needle filled to the skin in a straight 90-degree angle. Stick the needle in the skin just enough to penetrate the fat subcutaneous layer over your muscles.

  • Step 5

The plunger should be pressed slowly and let the needle go through the fat layer. The needle should remain in place for 10 seconds following the time you've put in the hCG and then continue to hold your skin while you gently pull the needle out.

  • Step 6

When you take the needle away, let go of the skin you have pinched. Do not touch or rub the site of injection. If the site begins to bleed, gently press the area gently with clean gauze , then apply an elastic bandage.

  • Step 7

Get rid of your needle and syringe inside your safe sharps container.

It's official!

How do you inject hCG intramuscularly?

As you go through the steps above and instead of pinching the folds of skin then stretch the skin over your injection site using only a few fingers from one hand while you push it into the muscle. 

There might be additional bleeding but that's totally normal. Simply dab the area with gauze or keep the gauze in place until the bleeding ceases.

  • Practical tips

Pay particular attention to the instructions on the packet and any additional directions the doctor provides you with. When you inject yourself a shot you should thoroughly clean your hands before taking the syringe that is clean to make use of.

Here are some suggestions to help make your injections more comfortable, and also so leaving less marks:

  • Do not inject the hair's hair roots or areas that are bruised or damaged.
  • Be sure that your skin is dry and clean prior to you inject. Let the alcohol be absorbed by your skin, which will lessen the stinging.
  • You can numb the site of injection to your face gently rubbing the area by using an ice cube over a few seconds, then wash your skin using your alcohol wipe.
  • Relax the muscles surrounding the area that you're about to inject. ("Relaxing" isn't always easy, and it can be difficult at first however, we'll guarantee it'll get easier!)
  • Make sure to rotate your injection sites in order to avoid pain, bruising and scarring.
  • Make sure you take your hCG or sterilized water out of the fridge 15 minutes before you inject it so that it is at room temperature prior to when you administer it. 
  • Similar to brain freezes when you consume food that is extremely cold, injecting cold blood could be a bit jarring.

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