Yaz or Yasmin

Yaz and Yasmin - Tablets of birth control. Provides both brandname preparation with a general version. This article tells  how these drugs are the same and how they are different. This information can help YAZ or Yasmin decide whether you are a good option. 


Like all start manipulate pills, Yaz and Yasmin are particularly used to assist save you being pregnant in ladies of childbearing age. Yasmin is permitted for this use only, however Yaz is likewise permitted via means of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 2 different uses.

Yaz and Yazmin include a slightly different number of different two female hormones (estrogen) and drawings (Prossutin). These hormones reduce  pregnancy risks and reduce pregnancy (egg emissions from one of ovals) and cause other changes in cervical and uterine to cause pregnancy. Preparation Yaz and Yasmin do not protect against HIV infection. They are also not protected from other grades. Now you can even Buy Premarin Vaginal Cream Online.


Yaz and Yasmin are pills that enter your mouth. They enter a blister pack with 28 pills on the pack. In each package, most tablets contain hormones and the rest are not. Each cycle consumes one tablet every day within 28 days. 


Take a pink tablet one by one daily hormone for 24 days.  Then eat one  tablet that does not have hormones without hormones  for 4 days every day. 

For Yasmin : 

Take a yellow tablet with hormones every day for 21 days.  Then ingest white tablets that do not have hormones  for 7 days every day. 

 Side effects 

 All medicines can cause side effects. Some of them are more common and can leave in a few days. Other serious. These side effects may require medical care. You should consider all side effects when choosing a drug.  Yaz and Yasmin cause similar  effects Buy Yasmin Birth Control Online. Tablets are often a variety of hormones, because they prove to have side effects. 

General side effects 

Yaz, Yasmin and other partner control pills have similar common side effects. This includes: 

  •  Nausea or voter 
  •  Bleeding between  periods 
  •  Increased weight  
  •  Milk pain 
  •  headache 
  •  The riot of the contact lens (hormone products can change the lens) 

 Serious side effects 

 side effects of YAZ and Yasmina are similar. These side effects are occasional in healthy women. They include: 

  •  Thrombosis 
  •  Rising blood pressure 
  •  Galbanese disease 
  •  Increased potassium levels (cardiac rhythm problems may occur) 
  •  Liver tumor (rare, can not be watched or not watching) 


Yaz and Yasmin work as well as most different infertility control pills. If used correctly, annual usage is very low. 

  • Yaz: 1-2 women out of 100 can become pregnant. 
  • Yasmin:  1 in 100 women can become pregnant.