Treat your throat, ear, lungs infection with Althrocin 500mg Tablet

Many struggles with respiratory tract infection, it is a general term that is used for defining all parts that help a human to breathe. Doctors or health professionals make two distinctive categories between the upper respiratory tract and the lower respiratory tract. 

Now, let’s understand how common such infections are-

You should know respiratory tract infections are quite common as they are one of the reasons why people feel sick and visit the pharmacist. In one’s body, the respiratory tract is quite prone to get infected than other parts of the body. Why? They are vulnerable and it is easier for viruses and bacteria to enter as one breathes and infect the throat or lung, and even ear. Humans tend to fall ill especially during the cold weather due to the fact that people stay indoors and close to each other. It is believed that being indoors, the body loses its strong immunity and becomes prone to getting infected. Unlike adults, kids tend to become prey to bacteria and viruses and get upper respiratory tract infections as they don’t have a solid immunity to protect their body against a virus that causes flu or cold.

Respiratory tract infection makes one ill as it spread in different ways. You could be having a cold and can be launching tiny droplets of cold virus-containing fluid in the air as you sneeze or cough. This means you are spreading the virus and making others sick as they come in contact with you. Anyone who comes in contact with you might get infected too, infections spread directly and sometimes indirectly. How? If you have a cold virus on your body and touch something with the same hand that you sneezed in, anyone who touches that surface or item and touched their face, eye, mouth, or nose will get infected too.  

At such times, having an Althrocin 500mg tablet will help you treat all types of bacterial infection. It is usually trusted for treating respiratory tract infections, throat, lung, and ear infections. As you take the medicine, it simply stops the bacteria from multiplying and growing, this helps one recover from the infection and resolves the symptoms. It is advised to consume the medicine one or two hours after a meal however it is best absorbed when consumed empty stomach. You need to take it regularly at proper intervals or as prescribed by your doctor. It is advised to avoid skipping the dose until your finish the course of treatment. You may experience some side effects such as vomiting, abdomen pain, nausea, and diarrhea. They should go away in some time but in case they persist, seek emergency medical treatment.

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