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The number of smokers rose in urban India by about 68% from 19 to 31 million and the number in rural India boosted about 26% from 61 to 77 million. What people who engage in smoking do not realize is that this habit is affecting their wealth adversely and not just them but people in their surroundings as well. However, smoking is dangerous and must be quitted. Quitting smoking curtails the risk of health-related problems such as heart and lung diseases, certain types of cancer, and many other threatening diseases.

Champix starter pack is a medication that can help end smoking by decreasing the longing for smoking and the hostile emotion that occurs when you stop smoking. It works by preventing the nicotine effect on the brain and thus prevents the urge to smoke.

This medication however has certain temporary side effects which include

Inflammation in throat

These are temporary and vanishes by themselves. In case they persist quickly consult your doctor again. Take the medication as per the duration advised by the doctor. Swallow it completely. Do not chew or break it. Champix may be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time. In case you skip a dose then quickly take it as and when you remember. Avoid doubling the dose no matter what. So if you skip a dose and forget about it then do not take 2 pills together rather skip one and then follow the regular schedule.

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