A bacterial eye infection is an infection of the eye or the tissue immediately surrounding the eye. This infection tends to cause redness, irritation, tearing and itchiness in the eyes. In a few cases of this infection it is common to get discharge from the eyes along with crusting of the eyelid margin when you wake up. Your eyes may also experience pain and swelling of the tissues around it. 

This infection requires a right dosage of antibiotic for curing the eyes completely and the most recommended by the doctors to treat bacterial eye infection is Zaha eye drops.

Zaha eye drops are an antibiotic eye drops which are used to treat bacterial infections. This medication is effective in killing numerous types of bacterial infections in both adults and children. Zaha eye drops are highly recommended for bacterial eye infection by doctors and pharmacies due to its quick and effective results. You can easily order Zaha eye drops online through All Day Med online pharmacy store from the comfort of your home.

How do zaha eye drops work?

Zaha eye drops work by eliminating the growth of bacteria in the eye which is causing the infection. From it’s first dosage you will start to get relief from eye soreness, itchiness and red eye caused due to eye infection. The course of this eye drop depends on the condition your eyes are in by your doctor. But it is essential to take this medication on a regular basis and at the same time eyeday. It is not wise to skip any doses and therefore the  full course should be finished even if you start to feel better so the infection does not reappear.

What are the side effects of Zaha eye drops?

Though this medication is safe to use and rarely there is a case of any side effects but if you have any side effects do contact your doctor immediately. Some of the known side effects of zaha eye drops are:

  • Burning eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Itchiness in the eyes

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