Sweetness is a taste that everyone urges to have, but sometimes excessing this taste can cause an increase in your blood sugar level and create a medical condition also known as diabetes. There are some drugs or medications needed to be included in your diet and exercise to control these sugar levels, which helps you to monitor the side-by-side fluctuation of sugar in your body. Janumet 50 100 mg oral medications condescend the blood sugar level in your body, but only if it is prescribed and taken in a proper dosage with some lite exercises.

Mark on The Side Effects That Occur from The Usage of This Medicine

Anything used rightly and in a correct dose will never show up any kind of side effects but, in this world, several bodies are having different vital characteristics that show the symptoms accordingly. Mentioning done below some side effects that can happen from Janumet 50 1000mg tablets:

  • Continuous Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Stomach aches or upset 
  • Diarrhoea
  • Headaches that could worsen 
  • Weakness in the whole body 
  • Mouth tastes metallic  

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When to Take and How to Take 

Not only consuming but, consuming it at a right time and the amount is also beneficial though; Janumet can also be chewed or taken as a whole. Listed below are the methods and instructions to take this prescription:

  • As per the doctor’s prescription 
  • You can swallow it by water 
  • You can also chew it
  • Do not break or crush it 
  • It should be taken with or after your food/meal 

If you will take this properly as written above, you will not face any issues in the consumption and effects of this tablet. The right amount of insulin is injected out from your pancreas to work on your blood sugar levels, and this is tremendously done by this particular drug. Alldaymed.com is as same as its name; it reaches out to your pharmaceutical needs all day efficiently and effectively. 

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