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About Nevanac Drop 5ml online

It is used to get over eye pain, irritation, and redness followed by cataract surgery. Nepafenac belongs to a group of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and works by obstructing natural substances in the body. These are responsible for causing pain and swelling.


This medicine is used for 14 days after surgery. These drops should not be used with contact lenses in the eye. 


To put the medicine hold the dropper over your eye and put one drop into the pouch. Then look down and close your eyes for a minute or 2. Avoid blinking or rubbing your eyes.


Side effects

Certain common side effects of Nevanac eye drop 5ml online include-

  • High Pressure In The Eye
  • Reduced Sharpness Of Vision Called Reduced Visual Acuity
  • Corneal Opacity, A Scarring Disorder resulting In Clouding Of The Cornea Of The Eye
  • A feeling of the presence of something in the eye. 
  • A feeling of stickiness in the eye.

These are common and vanish themselves but in case they persist, quickly reach your doctor for assistance.

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