Prostate Hyperplasia also known as prostate enlargement, can often discourage its patients to their core! This condition can happen when the patient gets old and is usually very common. The patients often suffer difficulty in urinating and blockage in the flow! Apart from that, kidney, bladder, and infection problems are very common to patients suffering from the condition.

The symptoms of the disease include a lot of different commonalities and can vary from person to person! -

  • The patient has a frequent urge to urinate!
  • The patient is experiencing nocturia (A frequent urge to urinate at night!).
  • The patient is experiencing dribbling at the end of the urination.
  • The patient is unable to completely empty their bladder and feel the need to exempt it again and again!
  • The patient is facing difficulties in commencing urination.
  • The stream of the patient's urine is very weak.
  • The stream of the patient's urine starts and stops often while peeing!

There are also some symptoms that are not very common with the patients but can definitely arise from the condition of Prostate Hyperplasia!

  • The patient is aching from a urinary tract infection (UTI).
  • The patient is not able to urinate properly.
  • The patient is experiencing blood in their urine! 

These symptoms don't sound good at all. A patient suffering from this condition surely experiences and undergoes a lot of stress! It is better to tackle the disease before getting it than to regret the symptoms later! Let's look at some of the circumstances where the appearance of this disease becomes more probable! If you think you have a greater chance of getting it, visit your doctor today! 

Lifestyle -Everything begins and ends with the kind of lifestyle you choose for yourself and your body! People who exercise often are at very low risk for this disease! 

Age - Age is a very major element in this disease. The symptoms of this disease start appearing after the age of 40 and can get severe by the age of 70!

Heart Diseases - People who generally suffer from heart disease are the ones who own an unhealthy lifestyle and are addicted to junk food.

Genetics - If you have someone in your family that has gone through a similar condition, your chances are better at getting it! (Only if the person is closely related!)

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