Migraines are no one's friends. If a simple headache can leave us cursing every human being on this planet, then you can imagine what a severe pain like a migraine can do to people! Aches generally don't feel good for any body part, and a severe ache in the most important part of our system can surely create negative effects.

Migraines are said to be incurable in the long term, but they are preventable in the short. There are some great tablets like Vasograin and Suminat 25 mg tablet online, but doctors always suggest migraine patients prevent it from happening rather than relying completely on tablets and medications.

Let us look at some Dos and Don'ts of handling a migraine! -



1) Do - Turn off the lights or keep it dim!

Believe it or not! Neither the sun nor the light is helpful when a person is having a migraine. Instead of light, the more darkness they are in, the more relaxed they feel! It also helps if the patient sleeps for a little to regain their energy!

2) Don't - Miss your meals!

A body deprived of energy is harmful when it comes to migraines! Missing your meal is only going to increase your headache. Low blood sugar can also increase your pain. Eat things with a little bit of sugar to prevent it from happening.

3) Do - Have a little bit of coffee!

Yes, coffee can be bad if taken in large and unnecessary amounts, but it can be good if you take it in an appropriate amount. A hot beverage can do wonders to your brain, and if the beverage has just the right amount of caffeine, it will be unstoppable!

4) Don't - Sleep too much!

Sleeping too much can also be harmful to your condition. Too much sleep will not only make you miss your meals but will also leave you feeling tired, which can be very cranky in your condition. In the same way, sleeping too little will also cause uncertainties.

5) Do - Try to exercise!

If you're not feeling very chirpy about this, it's okay. It is not mandatory to put yourself under pressure. We are not suggesting intense exercises! Even a little bit of deep stretches, breathing exercises and bed yoga can be a lot more beneficial in your condition.

6) Don't - Take heavy medicines!

Ask your doctor before taking any kind of medication for your other procedures. For example, a Mycophenolate 360 Mg Tablet might not sit well with you if you are suffering from a migraine. Instead, delay your other procedures for later!