Medicines and first aid supplies are some of the most things one might need in an emergency. A medical emergency can occur anytime, and it requires us to be prepared beforehand. Apart from medical emergencies, one may keep some medicines they are required to take daily. There might be times when you need not go to the doctor and can be cured at home. It can be eye drops, gels, sprays, and medicines for fever or any other recurring pain in the body.

A medicine may have multiple brands, qualities, and prices. However, it is needed to ensure that what you intake is not harmful to your body in any way and has no side effects on your body. You might get some bacterial infections in any part of your body, or maybe high temperatures, you will need antibiotics to fight the virus or any other infections.

It is advisable to keep a handy medicine or stay in touch with pharmacies nearby in case of any emergencies.

About PROGYNOVA 2MG tablet online

Progynova is a common and well-known hormone replacement therapy. It is a female sex hormone known as estrogen and is used to replace the deficiencies that arise in females due to lack of estrogen. You can purchase a PROGYNOVA 2 MG tablet online from any medical store with just a click from your phone.

Uses of PROGYNOVA 2MG tablet

This hormone replacement therapy is used to cure the deficiency of estrogen; cures symptoms related to menopause; thinning of bones, also called osteoporosis. Also used to cure prostate cancer and breast cancer when consumed with anticancer medicines.

Method of consumption

It is required to be swallowed with water and can be taken, with or without meals. Use the medication only as prescribed by the doctor. There should be a fixed schedule and doses should not be missed. It is important to get consulted by the doctor before using the medicine if you have any vagina bleeding history. Read instructions and use carefully before you purchase a PROGYNOVA 2MG tablet online.

Side effects

Common side effects include breast pain, nausea, headaches and excessive hair loss, pain in the chest and legs as well.

There might be some moderate side effects of progynova 2mg tablets like irregular spotting or bleeding in the vagina. One might suffer bloating or abdominal cramps.

However, if you get lumps around the breasts, excessive bleeding of the vagina, dizziness, or severe headaches, consult a doctor immediately.


Progynova relieves the symptoms that occur in menopause, night sweats, and mood swings. It reduces sex drive and dryness in the vagina. Also helpful in enhancing daily activities and everyday mood.

All instructions should be taken into account before purchasing a PROGYNOVA 2mg tablet online.

About Albucid Eye drops price

Albucid eye drops are used to treat bacterial eye infections. Also known as sulfacetamide, it is also used in the treatment of trachoma. Albucid eye drops can be ordered online from a pharmacy. The orders are delivered quickly once you order. Albucid eye drops price for a pack is 4 dollars.

Methods of consumption

IYou are advised to follow your physician's instructions regarding dosage. Different people have different levels of infection, and usually, one drop is prescribed for each eye. However, for someone who is using more than one drop, it is advised to take another dose after a set of intervals.

Inform your doctor about using the medicines and other medical conditions before using the medicine.

Uses of Albucid Eye drops

Effective in the treatment of bacterial infections and trachoma.

Side. Effects

You might get some side effects during the use of the medicine.

Redness in eyes.


Irritation, burning sensation in eyes

Conjunctival hyperemia

Corneal ulcers

Rare but potentially fatal, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

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