donamem 10mg tablet online

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About Donamem 10MG Tablet

This medication is made by combining Donepezil and Memantine and is used to treat Alzheimer's disease. The medication causes the brain to weaken and brain cells to die. The medicine must be strictly consumed under the doctor’s guidance. Since the medicine is related to the neurological system therefore it must be strictly taken following the doctor’s guidelines.

Things to be let in mind while taking this medicine
- It is preferred to consume this medicine before bedtime.
- Do complete the entire dose.
- Do follow the doctor’s guidance and take medicine according to your medical situation.
- Reach doctor in case of severe side effects.
- Do not drive after consuming the medicine as it causes dizziness.
- Increase the intake of liquid for keeping yourself hydrated.
- Do let your doctor know about already existing problems including asthma as other allergies and illnesses.

Side effects of the Donamem Tablet Medicine

The medicine causes certain temporary side effects including vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite, dryness in the mouth, dizziness, nausea, diarrhoea and headache. These side effects vanish themselves. In case they persist you must quickly visit your doctor.

Frequently Asked Question about Donamen Pills

- What is the use of 5mg of donamem?
It is useful in treating dementia or confusion caused due to Alzheimer disease.

- What food items are beneficial in treating dementia?
Diet must include all the nutrients in a patient with dementia. Vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, must be included in the diet.

- What are common effects caused by donamem?
The most common effects include headache, vomiting and drowsiness. These are, however, temporary and vanish themselves.