Premarin Vaginal Cream is a part of female HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). It helps one balance the estrogens and progesterone levels during menopause or when you are near menopause.

There are many reasons why doctors prescribe supplementary sex hormones to people. This is often known as Menopausal Hormone Therapy. HRT helps one relieve sweating, hot flashes, and other symptoms. It simply eliminates the risk of osteoporosis. Some type of Hormone Replacement Therapy includes Estrogens and Progesterone, whereas the other consists of only estrogens.

What is Premarin Vaginal Cream?

Premarin Vaginal Cream is a female sex hormone (Estrogen) that helps to treat the deficiency of estrogen symptoms such as vaginal dryness and even hot flashes. Premarin vaginal cream is supposed to be applied to the vagina as per the instructions on the pamphlet that comes along the package or as per the doctor’s direction. In case you experience your symptoms improvising, don’t stop using the cream. Continue applying the cream all over the vagina as it has been prescribed.

When you begin using the medicine, there are chances that you might experience itching or irritation however, it usually goes away with time. You might experience pain in the abdomen, headache, a bit of genital rash, or candidiasis, don’t worry. In case they don’t go away within a few days, consult your doctor immediately.

Benefits of Premarin Vaginal Cream

HRT (Hormone Placement Therapy) is one of the best and trusted solutions for relieving the symptoms of menopause such as mitigated sex drive, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. Since it lasts for years, the treatment makes a huge impact on one’s life and mood. Estrogens are considered are one of the two vital hormones that are used for treating such symptoms. Vaginal gels and tablets are trusted ways to deliver hormones but might not be able to treat all symptoms.

Before applying for the medicine, it is important for you to tell your doctor whether or not you experience any vaginal bleeding that might be unexplained. Once you begin applying for the medicine, you must conduct regular check-ups to discuss all the advantages of the treatment.

Side-Effects of Premarin Vaginal Cream

Many side-effects don’t require medical attention however, they usually disappear on their own as they adjust according to their body. Connect with a doctor in case they persist, you may experience:

  • Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
  • Breast Pain
  • Itching
  • Headache
  • Vaginal inflammation
  • Pelvic
  • Vaginal Yeast Infection

How to Use Premarin Vaginal Cream?

The medicine is for external use only, you must not ingest it. It is important for you to follow the prescribed directions advised by the doctor. Check the label for directions before you apply. Also, it is a must that you wash your hands after applying. Visit All Day Med and browse our wide range of pharmaceutical products and Buy Premarin Vaginal Cream Online.