As long as history goes humans have always been intrigued by the healing methods to cure illness and diseases, therefore every era had its own way of obtaining the medicines available in the societies.

At the present time, the most popular and well-accepted way to get your required medicines is through online pharmacies. Online pharmacy stores are a platform that is built to provide medicines to whoever is in need, from the comfort of their bed no matter the time. This online facility comes in handy especially when you went through a treatment that requires you to stay put in your house and rest, for example, you can order Nevanac Eye Drop 5ml online if you are recovering from a Cataract surgery. Nevanac Eye Drop is used for relieving eye pain, irritation, and redness that comes after Cataract surgery. Nevanac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that functions by blocking certain natural substances in your body that causes pain and swelling.

Nevanac Eye Drop 5ml dosage and usage

Nevanac is a prescription medication that doctors prescribe when you have to go through cataract surgery. The doctor may ask you to apply this eye drop one to two hours before the surgery. 

The prescribed dosage in the following days after the surgery is different from patient to patient, but the required course is a minimum of two weeks. If you’re prescribed 0.1% of Nevanac Eye drop per day, then you need to apply it 3 times per day, from the first day of the surgery. 

While you’re prescribed 0.3% per day, then you have to apply it only once a day, till your course ends.

It is very important to follow all the instructions and precautions advised by your doctor and do not overdose or exceed the number of days you’ve prescribed this medicine to avoid any side effects. 

When applying these eye drops, make sure your hands are clean, then shake the bottle before using it and avoid touching the tip of the eye drop with your hand or eye surface to avoid contamination.

Side effects that you should be aware of includes:

  • Eye swelling 
  • Extreme watering or eye discharge
  • Vision changes

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