Generic Medicines

We are all aware of the skyrocketing price of branded medicines and the difficulty that the common man face’s to afford them. Research suggests that sue to the rising prices of medicines, around 2 billion people have lost access to crucial medicines. Also, as the number of lethal diseases increased over the year, the cost of the medicines for such diseases is even higher. This is when generic medicines come into the picture and are thus, effective.

Generic medicines cost less as theses medicine manufacturers do not bear the cost of making a new medicine from scratch. Also, they save on marketing. This makes generic medicines price stoop down by 30% to 70% then the branded medicines. At the same time, these medicines are reliable. FDA approves these medicines and passes them for prescription use only after they have been tested in labs with expertise. Consumption of these medicines is, therefore, absolutely genuine and safe. 

You can now buy generic medicines online and get them delivered to your doorstep with greater accuracy as compared to a local drug store. 

Home Delivery pharmacies can be crucial in several ways-

  • Enhanced quality – get good quality medicines at the comfort of your home.
  • A large number of medicines delivered at once – you need not roam across different pharmacies to purchase different medicines. You get it all at the one-stop-shop.
  • Discounted price – you also get medicines at a competitive price.
  • Greater savings – save on your regular medicines while you stay relaxed at your place.
  • Quick deliver – your order is delivered to you in less time.
  • Hassle-free services – ordering medicines online is easy and effortless and much more.

Purchase medicines of top quality with complete ease and comfort. You get world-class quality at your home. All your requirements are fulfilled because providing customers with satisfactory services is always the priority. 

Also, all the covid safety precautions are taken to ensure your safety. The delivery person sanitises themselves and the packet before giving it to you because your safety is always the priority. All you need to do is to pick your phone, select the medicines you want and get your order in no time at a reasonable price. Get bulk medicines delivered at an affordable price which is no available at local pharmacies. 


  • Are these medicine reliable ?

Generic medicine are absolutely safe and reliable and are tested before they are delivered to customers.

  • Why are generic medicines prescribed by the doctors?

Generic medicines are significant in the field of healthcare. The low cost and easy availability, as well as reliability of these medicines, increases there necessity. 

  • Why are branded medicines more costly?

Branded medicines are expensive as compared to generic medicines because of the initial cost as well as because of marketing. 

  • How can one differentiate between generic medicines and branded one’s?

Generic medicines are named following their chemical composition instead of any novel brand name. Example of generic medicines includes paracetamol, metoprolol, etc.