Bio Kaajal (Eye Care)

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  • Manufacture Name : Bio Veda
  • Presentation : Kajal
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If you are looking for the right product that can satisfy your health and cosmetic needs regarding the eyes, Buy BioKaajal, and try using it without any delay.

Women across the world are fascinated by cosmetics and the new beauty products that are introduced by various brands in the market day by day. The beauty industry is one of the fast-moving and highly profitable industries in the business world. Have you ever wondered about the core reason behind the huge demand for cosmetics? People use them to enhance their beauty and keep themselves fresh and clean. Beauty products range from kajal and lipstick to shampoo and hair removal products. One of the key factors that enhance one’s beauty is the eye. Moreover, they are the delicate sense organs that let you enjoy the world around you. The utmost care and protection are mandatory for maintaining healthy eyes. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right beauty product for the eyes.

Buy BioKaajal from any shop, for its easily available in all markets.

Who isn’t fond of dark smoky eyes that leave a sparkling effect each time you use your kajal? Kajal has been widely used by women since time immemorial. It is an ancient eye cosmetic and possesses various health benefits too. But on the contrary, adverse side-effects are experienced due to the same. This is due to the chemical composition of Kajal. Most of them contain lead in it which may result in itching and other symptoms like irritation of the eyes. Major side-effects may lead to a serious infection of the eye. This marks the importance of choosing the right one from the vast variety of brands that offers the product kajal in this highly competitive market.

Most of the store-bought kajal's do contain an ample percent of lead in it. Therefore, one can Buy BioKaajalOnline to seek more health benefits.

Benefits of buying BioKaajal

Bio Kaajal is referred to as beauty and health products at the same time, for it is prepared in a traditional ayurvedic manner, blended with various herbal ingredients like sweet almond oil, sesame oil, extracts of Indian gooseberry, eclipta alba and berberis aristata.

As mentioned earlier, the usage of BioKaajal possesses various added advantages over the ordinary ones, namely its soothing and nourishing effect. It promises many health benefits such as keeping the eyes cool and clean and strengthening the eyes by improving its vision. Moreover, it possesses a healing effect due to its anti-bacterial property and is used for the prevention and treatment of different diseases like conjunctivitis, cataract, and blepharitis.

How to use BioKaajal 

Traditional beauty care is no more a pragmatic idea for those who live a busy life. A perfect solution for such people would be the choice to Buy BioKaajalOnline to take care of their eyes and enhance their beauty simultaneously. This is the easiest and beneficial method.

It isn’t very hard to use this. This is well reflected in the statistics showing the rate of people using the same. Moreover, it is easily available in all the nearby shops. Buy this Kaajal and apply it with a light shade initially to the rims of the eyes from the inner to the outer corners. Choices vary from one person to another. Some prefer a soft smoky look while others prefer a smoldering finish. Apply it lightly for the former look and apply it on a dark shade for the latter look.

Advantages of BioKaajal over the ordinary ones 

  • Being blended with many herbal ingredients, namely, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, and Indian gooseberry, BioKaajal promises many health benefits. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants which helps to improve one’s complexion. Sesame oil is another ingredient that is highly rich in antioxidants. The chemical composition of BioKaajal reflects how beneficial it is.
  • Nourishes the eye and promotes the growth of eyelashes.
  • Soothing effect
  • Easily available in all markets

Cons that you come across when youBuy BioKaajal

  • It isn’t smudge-proof and waterproof
  • Does not stay for a long time

Herbal ingredients of BioKaajal 

  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Behra fruit
  • Amla fruit extract
  • Mulethi root
  • Harar fruit


Q. Can it be used for all skin tones? 

Ans. It isn’t recommended for any skin tone in particular. Anyone with a dry or oily skin tone can use it with no caution

Q. Where can youBuy BioKaajalOnline?

Ans. They are often available in the nearby medical shops. One can consider buying them Online as well.

Q. What are the chances of smudging when used on an oily skin tone? 

Ans. This is nothing to worry about. Being made from natural extracts, it has a fairly good effect on people despite their skin tone. But chances for smudging cannot be denied as well.

Q. Does it contain the chemical lead? 

Ans. Lead is a highly poisonous metal and is often found in large amounts in the usually popular brands of Kaajal. But if you are concerned about your health along with the beauty, it is better to Buy BioKaajal, for it is lead-free and made from natural extracts.

Q. Can this kajal be stored in a refrigerator? 

Ans. Someone who uses this kajal can store them in a refrigerator without much worry.

Q. How long will it stay after applying? 

Ans. On a general basis, it will stay for 3 hours. It will stay for a longer period if not rubbed or washed away with water.

Q. Is this Kajal waterproof? 

Ans. It isn’t waterproof. It gets wiped off way easily when thoroughly washed with running water. Rubbing the area where it's applied will also result in the same.

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