Aziderm 20% Cream is used in the treatment of acne (pimples). It effectively relieves symptoms such as lumps, redness, and swelling associated with different forms of acne. Buy Aziderm 20% Cream Online & get Flat 80% OFF in USA from India. Learn about drug imprint, side effects, uses (treating), Price in India, Sale in USA, dosage, interaction, overdose and warnings.

Aziderm 20% Cream

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  • Generic Name : Azelaic Acid
  • Brand Name : Finacea 20% Cream
  • Manufacture Name : Micro Lab India
  • Presentation : Tube
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Aziderm 20% Cream, is a medication used for the treatment of pimples or acne. It can effectively cure lumps as well as redness and numerous types of swelling that are caused due to acne causing bacteria. However, Aziderm 20% Cream is deemed suitable for external purposes only. You can easily Buy Aziderm 20% Cream Online from our website.

Ways to use the Aziderm 20% Cream?

The Aziderm 20% Cream must be used as prescribed by the doctor. The area where the cream is to be applied must be patted dry before its application. The applicant should wash and sanitize his hands thoroughly before applying the medicine. Additionally, the applicant must wash his hands after applying the medicine for his safety. The results of the medicine are visible and highly beneficial when it is applied on a regular basis. However, it should be noted that the medicine must be applied as per requirements.

If your cream packet is you can Buy Aziderm 20% Cream Online from All Day Med. It is highly recommended that the medicine should be used in pea amounts; the use of the medicine in excessive amounts can give rise to meager side effects. In case of any side effect or worsening of the conditions for longer durations must be brought into notice of the doctor. The medicine shows better results when the affected areas are kept clean on the surface.

Potential side effects of Aziderm 20% Cream

Aziderm 20% can cause a few potential side effects in some cases. However, it won’t affect everyone. The potential side effects are visible sooner or later on the application site in the form of skin reactions.

  • The reactions can be seen as skin burning and irritation or itchiness or redness around the affected area. The occurrence of serious allergic reaction due to this drug usage is seen in rare cases.
  • Consult a dermatologist if you’re witnessing side effects or if the side effects are not being eradicated. The instructions mentioned on the label of the medicine must be read in between the lines.
  • Some precautions must be taken such as avoiding contact of the medicine with eyes. In case of eye irritation, due to accidental contact, the eyes must be thoroughly rinsed with plain water.
  • Whenever you buy Aziderm 20% Cream please check the expiry date
  • In case of pregnancy or future plans to conceive, a medical expert must be consulted beforehand.
  • Similarly, in case you are a breastfeeding mother, it is recommended that you consult the doctor in order to avoid side effects. The side effects of the medicine could prove to be harmful to the developing child.

Uses of Aziderm 20% Cream

  • Finacea 20% Cream is useful in the case of acne. It is useful when the hair follicles on the skin are plugged with dead skin cells and excess oil.
  • The cream is effective for persistent types of acne.
  • It can be used for bumps and pimples initially.
  • It can be used for lowering the scars and marks left on the surface of the skin due to acnes.
  • The cream can be effective in prevention of whiteheads and blackheads caused by excess oil which is released by particular acne.
  • It can be used on pimples that appear on the forehead, face or chest.
  • It can be used by teenagers as they often suffer from acne problems.

All Day Med is our online platform where you can easily buy Aziderm 20% Cream.

Side effects of the Aziderm 20% Cream

Most of the side effects do not require special attention from medical professionals as they are seen to disappear immediately. When a person’s body or their skin type gets adjusted to the medicine the affects reduces with an ease. However, a physician must be consulted if the effects are worsened or are persistent. You should consult your doctor if the problem causes too much anxiety.

Common side effects of Aziderm 20% Cream

There are mild side effects of the cream on the application site such as irritation, redness, swelling, burning or itching.

So please keep these things in your mind whenever you buy Aziderm 20% Cream.

Safety advice


There are no side effects for alcohol consumers.


Aziderm 20% Cream is considered safe during pregnancy. Experiments on studies reveal it has no side effects on a baby. Animal studies have revealed zero or very less effects on the developing baby. However, human studies are limited to a few extent.


Aziderm 20% Cream is very safe for use even during breastfeeding. A few data based on human study suggests that the drug or acid present in the cream does not have any risk for the baby.


There is no interaction established while driving.


There is no interaction found with human kidney.


There is no interaction established with human liver.


How Aziderm 20% Cream works?

The cream consists of Azelaic acid which is effective for killing the bacteria which causes acne. Azelaic acid is known for reducing inflammation (swelling or redness) on the skin.

Where can I buy Aziderm 20% Cream?

All Day Med provides a platform where you can easily buy Aziderm 20% Cream.

What if you forget to apply the 20% Aziderm 20% Cream?

In case you forget to apply the 20% Aziderm 20% Cream skip it for a day. You must remember to apply the cream as per the normal daily schedule. You must never try to double the dose of the medicine. A double dose of the cream can cause many harmful side effects. Therefore, a regular pattern must be followed.

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